The Basic Rules of English Grammar

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A lot of people don't pay attention to grammar, especially when they're not in a job related to writing or public speaking. However, knowing the basic rules of English grammar is a must if one wants the respect of his or her friends and colleagues. After all, it is easier for people to understand what another person has to say if he or she can express his or her points in a reputable manner. In this article, the key concepts which regard to the use of the English language will be tackled. Read along to reacquaint yourself with these guidelines.

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The first standard in English grammar that everyone must remember is that there always has to be agreement in every part of a sentence. A subject can not be in contradiction with the other bits of the sentence that describes it or shows the action it is doing. To correct this, say "She is beautiful." instead. The same is also true when it comes to tenses or the time in which a sentence takes place. Whenever it was, is or will be, stay in that period throughout the whole sentence.
The next important English grammar rule to keep in mind is proper spelling. This is especially crucial because committing orthographical errors is sure to lessen one's sincerity and credibility. Then after spelling, comes punctuation. Periods, commas, and so forth, represent pauses when speaking. It doesn't sound good for a person to speak without stopping, particularly when articulating long paragraphs. This is why it is essential to know where to put punctuation marks. Understanding the proper usage of different punctuations would let your writing be cleared and orderly, while also avoiding run-on sentences, another English grammar no-no. Similarly, one must know the accurate usage of certain words before including them in his or her vocabulary. Though big terms may look and sound notable, erroneous usage of such is even worse than uttering more common words with certainty.
Furthermore, being aware of capitalization is another significant grammar rule. The first letter of proper names such as that of places, people and events should always be in uppercase, as well as that of every important word in a title and that of the opening word in every sentence. Lastly, always have congruence in the point of view of your passages. The basics of English grammar are quite easy to remember if one just keeps observing them. Cliche as it may sound, practice makes perfect, after all. So keep the guidelines mentioned above in mind every time you speak or write in English and you will certainly become a credible speaker and writer of the English language.

Indonesia Tries to Become a Better Nation

As you may know, Indonesia is a country comprised by several islands, 17,508 to be exact. This geographically divided nation is united by the tight religious bonds that most of it's habitants share, this south east Asian country has around 222 million people and is better known by the number of beautiful beaches accessible to them.
In recent years Indonesia has been struggling to keep the nation safe and mentally healthy by fighting against material which enters the country and deprives youth of it's innocence and ultimately ending up in social corruption.

In March 2008, this country has given a step forward towards achieving its goal of keeping a mentally healthy society by passing a bill which criminalizes those who access internet sites which contain adult related material or digital content which is violent in nature. Many Indonesia's citizens support such measures, in fact two years ago Muslim groups forced the Playboy magazine to move out and re-establish its office in Bali.
"I think we all agree there's no way we can save this nation by spreading adult material, violence and ethnic hostility", said the Information Minister, Mohammad Nuh. These words clearly state that such bill in the best interest of the nation. In order to enforce such bill the country is working on special software which would sanction websites which have banned content, while this will not take down those sites world wide, the software will make them unavailable to anyone within Indonesia.
The bill passed with flying colors after getting majority support from all 10 factions in the chamber.

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Such a ban will definitively have a positive impact in the country as people will dedicate themselves to socially productive activities improving Indonesia's quality of life. Tourists who travel to the country will also enjoy the beauty of the country by that things that it has to offer, from a cultural perspective to a perspective based on the demographics and local believes which is nicely complimented by the attractive natural resources this country counts with.

Learn the German Language

Is it "der Stuhl" or "das Stuhl"? As any beginner German student knows, noun articles are very frustrating to learn and sometimes just do not make sense! Below are some reasons why we have difficulty learning them and a tip to overcoming these challenging nouns as they appear.
Step one - What is an article?

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Here is an example of an English sentence without articles, "Yesterday I went to shop and bought dog. I gave dog apple". Step two - importance of articles
Why bother learning them? As seen in step one, a sentence just does not sound correct without articles. This is the same for the German language, if you do not know the correct noun article, the German person will understand you but it will sound wrong. If you want to speak German well, it is imperative to correctly learn the articles.
Step three - Gender cannot always be relied on
der is known as masculine
die is know as feminine
das is known as neutral
One of the most common German mistakes made by English speakers is to assume that everything feminine should be labeled as "die" and so on.
Unfortunately, this is not the case, an example of this is 'die Flasche' (the bottle). As you can see, "a bottle" has been given the feminine "die" article. Here are another few examples, "das Bett" (the bed) is neutral, "der Stuhl" (the chair). Why is a bed neutral, a chair masculine and a bottle feminine? As you can see, there is not always a reliable pattern to understanding noun articles.
Step four - A picture tells 1000 words!
Using mnemonic Links are an extremely good strategy that will vastly improve your memorization.
Here is the technique: For every article we use a symbol. For the article "der" we'll use something male, for instance a man. If we need to learn the word "the chair" - "der Stuhl", we could imagine the following "a man sitting on a stool", or something more memorable "a man breaking a chair with a stool". As just mentioned, these phrases or pictures have a tendency to stay in your mind.
Conclusion - paint a picture in your mind
In step four we used a mnemonic method to remember the words "The chair", can you remember it? "A man breaking a chair with a stool", "der Stuhl." Paint a picture in your mind when you need to learn a German noun, make it as silly as possible and you will never forget it.

The Secret to Learning French Language

Learning a new language is difficult for most people. Living in a world where everyone is busy with work we want to get results fast and want to learn to talk a new language fast. However, learning a new language is never easy and will take a lot of time and concentrated effort.
Firstly, to learn a new language you have to learn the alphabet system of the language. For languages like Chinese, Japanese or Korean the alphabet is very different. Therefore, these languages are considered to be more time-consuming to learn especially reading and writing the language. Second, you have to learn the phonetics of the language. The way consonants and vowels are sounded out is different in every language. Thirdly, you need to learn as many words as you can which may take a while as you will need to know about 1000 words vocabulary to begin to be fluent in the language.

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Next, you have to learn word properties as the properties will tell you how to construct a meaningful sentence. The easiest way to learn and understand how to construct sentences is by listening to a native speaker of that language. It is recommended to not learn grammatical rules when first learning a language because you will be de-motivated by the apparent illogical structure of the language. When you learned to speak as a child you did not learn the rules of grammar of the language first. You learned single syllable words such as cat, dog, big, small, hot, cold etc. Then you graduated to two syllable words eg mother, father, brother, sister etc. You would have learned some simple verbs eg talk, walk, run, eat, sleep etc. You learned some adjectives that enabled you to be more expressive. Finally you started to construct simple sentences eg I am cold, you are sleeping, I like small dogs etc. You would not have learned to read and write until you could fluently speak English. And you certainly did not learn grammar until you could read and write English basics and attended school.
Why is it that most foreign language courses commence with teaching the complex rules of grammar for a language. This is an unnatural way to learn a language. Not to mention students become bored very quickly and their rate of learning slows down.
Motivation is the key element to learning any language. And a teaching method that keeps students motivated through the early stages of learning a new language is the key to successfully transitioning the student to advanced language study and fluency. Once a student becomes fluent learning more of the language is much easier and fun. The student develops a high level of confidence with the language and actually enjoys communicating with native language speakers
The French language software approach is to copy the way we learned to speak English as a child. The absolute best way to learn French is by listening and repeating what others are saying. You copied your parents and family. The child just copies and learns.
Software that makes use of interactive learning activities and entertaining word games results in greater memory retention and a faster learning outcome. Fun learning games always help students to stay motivated during the learning process resulting in a faster, easier and more productive learning experience.

Mandarin Language Schools in China

Students are flocking from all over the world to learn the language that grants access to what increasingly seems as its going to be the greatest shift in global power of our time: the rise of China as an industrialized and extremely populous nation. China will even in the medium term attract a clout of interest from businesses and other countries alike. The simple fact that every Chinese person is getting richer at a really astounding rate and that they are 4 times as many as there are Americans, means that the global status quo dominated by the Washington consensus will need to change in due time. With it, the nature of the benefits of Mandarin proficiency will also change.

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Picking the right Mandarin language schools can be tricky; this is a short checklist of what you should be looking for and what you are better of avoiding. It may sound weird, but the thing you are looking for is not a Chinese language school. You are looking for a western language school in China. The Chinese way of teaching will not agree with your background. This is not that strange, Chinese culture is very different from Western culture in many ways. One of these ways is how power is divided in society. In China you are not in a position to question a superior, where as in a western institution feedback is very much appreciated. Sociology tends to classify post modernity, the time we live in now, as network based. Stepping into a Chinese classroom is therefore a bit of a shock for most westerners. We are used to not only being able to ask questions when we don't understand, but also question when we don't agree. Both actions are not appreciated in a Chinese classroom and if it does not lead to friction in terms of interpersonal relationships it does at least represent friction in terms of drag on the study pace. This is first and foremost juxtaposition of Chinese and Western educational principles.
The second one that western people are unable to fully cope with is the focus on memorization. Sometimes the level of memorization is simply ridiculous. I know of a school where they required students to assimilate a hundred new words every day. Needless to say, students were unable to do this and fell behind the class pace, which was really the teachers pace as the inability applied to the whole class. However, because it was a Chinese Chinese school, things did not change, as there was not scope for feedback and for all I know they are still trying to hammer in a hundred words per day.
A western student has no time for the hammer. Westerners want to learn by doing. When we learn math we do so by asking questions when we don't understand, and then we go home a practice it, we don't try to memorize math for the simple reason that it is really really inefficient to do so. The same applies to language studies, we want to understand why and then go away and practice it.
Of course it is not the case that every language school in China run by Chinese people has not caught on this trend. The case is however that those schools with mixed management do the very best. It is the combination of Chinese experience of teaching the language and Western experience of learning it that seems to be golden formula for success when it comes to connecting western students with a domestic education in the Mandarin language.

Components Of A Japanese Language Course

You need to go through a Japanese language course regardless of whether you're going to Japan for business or for pleasure. Understanding and knowing how to speak and read the local language is essential to enhancing your positive experience while in Japan. You shouldn't just settle for any learning program though. You need to settle for one that contains five essential components.

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Verb Conjugation
It's fairly easy to get your head around basic words and terms. Bear in mind though that communication is not as effective without complete sentences. Hence, you need to study how to conjugate verbs. In Japan, verbs come at the tail end of sentences and are very important because subjects are often left unstated. They do not have singular and plural forms and are organized in groups. Those starting to learn to speak Japanese need to study verbs ending in "u" or "iru" and irregular verbs.
Basic Counters
In English, counting is a breeze. In Japan, learning how to count isn't as straightforward. Of course, you can learn to count up to 10 but actual counting involves specific counters. You'd have to memorize hundreds of counters for inanimate objects, animals and other things.
Cultural Context
Any Japanese language course that does not include an introduction to Japan's culture is almost useless. The culture of the country is not just different from western cultures. Take for instance the general local trait of politeness. This is aptly demonstrated in the use of various degrees of honorific terms and titles. You will have to go through learning keigo and its categories, sonkeigo, kenjogo and teineigo to differentiate how you speak to business associates and social acquaintances.
Reading Characters
You may be able to breeze through a Japanese language course for speaking. Learning to read however is an entirely different story. You will have to learn hundreds of characters in three categories, kanji, katakana and hiragana. This is an essential part of a learning program because you'll need to understand what certain characters mean when you're out in the city looking for a specific place.
Proper Pronunciation
The aspect of pronunciation is another necessary component if you don't want to suffer the embarrassment of mispronouncing words in public. The good news is that Japan's native tongue is not as complicated to speak as the English tongue. The sound "l" and "r" for instance are omitted from it and words are often pronounced in syllables. Certain sounds at the end of syllables are also seemingly omitted such as the sound of "u" in "desu".
You'll have a lot to choose from when you go look for a Japanese language course. To truly ensure that you learn the most important aspects of the local tongue, you need to go for a program that has all the essential components and elements. These can help you communicate effectively and efficiently.

How to Start Learning the Arabic Language

If you want to travel to an Arabic speaking country as a tourist or as an expatriate, it helps to have a working knowledge of Arabic language as not everybody knows English in the places you will be visiting. However, due to many reasons among them lack of time, you may not be able to attend Arabic language classes. So what you need is an excellent self learning kit that will be as good if not better than attending a language class.
There are many online resources offering Arabic self learning and even free ones. The most important criteria you can use is if you can sample a bit of the main language and better still if it is for free. Any language course provider sure of his product can offer a small free sample to his would customers to make informed decisions.

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Secondly, the course materials should be easily downloadable without having to use complicated applications and gadgets.
Thirdly, the sound and video engineering should be of such quality that can used easily with devices like iPods, Mp3 players, computers, headphones and the like.
Fourthly, the course materials should be interesting and fun to use so as to keep the students interested in the learning. So, features like Language games enhance the learning process and make the student learn faster without finding the lesson boring.
And finally, as a measure of faith in the language course, the trainer should give a money back guarantee if a student is not satisfied with the language course.

Can You Learn English Online With Skype?

If you are a teacher or a student alike, you may have heard some talk about Skype and how it can be used as an online teaching tool. This program works quite simply, but provides an extremely important function for those who are in need of communicating with others who are located around the world. From your home or work computer, you can log into Skype, and then chat with other computers. This can be accomplished in a format that feels like a telephone call, or a video chat. Those who are wondering can you learn English online with Skype might want to think about the best methods of communication that are typically used in learning.

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For example, when you go into a traditional classroom, you sit at a desk or table with the teacher facing you. The teacher is then able to interact with you either in a group setting or individually, for the best results, and may supplement their direct instruction with conversational practice. This same method can be carried out over Skype, so if you think you can learn English online you are not only right, but the method is probably not that different from what you would experience in a traditional classroom.
There are different factors that come into play that can make learning English online even more effective. If you think you can learn English online with Skype, you will probably want to find an instructor who was brought up in an English-speaking country for the best results. These instructors will be able to give you more insight into the local culture, and teach you slang terms or more informal conversational English that you are likely to experience when traveling or interacting with English speakers.
For all of these reasons, those who are wondering can you learn English online with Skype might come to the conclusion that you can in fact learn English more effectively with this method than with many others. Not only do you get the same experience with a real time teacher, but you also can benefit from speaking to someone who lives on the opposite side of the world from you, and who might have new methods and ways of explaining things than what you would find in your home country.

Traveling and Living in Indonesia

Indonesia is the wonderful archipelago country wonderful with fertile soil and lots of beautiful places like Bali Island. Everyone dreams to visit in Indonesia. What about studying in Indonesia? Dharmasiswa is a scholarship program offered to foreign students who have diplomatic relations with Indonesia to study Indonesian language, music arts and crafts as well as other studies in universities in Indonesia.

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Dharmasiswa program is started in 1974. Until 1975, only students from ASEAN are to join the program. But since 1976, students from Hungary, Norway, Mexico, Sweden, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Gambia, Senegal and the United States could retrace this program. The program is also designed as a reciprocal program to other countries that offer scholarship programs for Indonesia and to strengthen cultural relations among nations. Each year, the program Participants targeted Dharmasiswa continues to increase.
There are 5 schemes Indonesia Dharmasiswa scholarship Program:
Dharmasiswa - Regular
This Dharmasiswa Program is a one-year scholarship program for foreign students to study Indonesia language, traditional music, traditional dance and Indonesian crafts.
Dharmasiswa - Short term
Dharmasiswa Short Term Programme consists of two schemes: 6 (six) months of regular courses for foreign students to study Indonesian and Dharmasiswa Short Term for Preparation Program to enhance the ability of Indonesian language in order to enter education in Indonesia.
Dharmasiswa - Plus
Darmasiswa plus Program Offered to Indonesian language, traditional music, traditional dance and crafts in Indonesian Higher Education. Participants are required to teach a foreign Language 10 hours / week in Junior High School, Secondary Schools, Vocational School (SMK) or Institute of Higher Education of Indonesia Nowhere the relevant learning.
Dharmasiswa - Plus studies
Dharmasiswa plus Program Offered to foreign students to take 4 (four) credits in other study instead of language, arts with to get double degree.
Dharmasiswa - Double degree
Dharmasiswa Program Offered to foreign students from to study language as part of degree programs 1 (one) - 1.5 years until the master program for 2 (two) years.

The Study and Application of Geography

Modern geography has come a long way and is today an all encompassing field of study. It covers the study of spatial arrangement of phenomenon that have shaped the surface of the earth, the interrelationship between man and environment and the research related with earth sciences.
It is important to note that this field is chiefly concerned with spatial arrangement or distribution of things. For example, it tells us the factors that have led to location of industry at a particular place and if there was a change of location, what factor led to that.

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Geography is different from Geology. Geology deals with the interior of the earth's crust unlike Geography which is a study of the things and phenomena on the surface of the earth. Categorization
It is broadly categorized into two parts: physical and human. The physical aspects deal with the landforms like the mountains, plains, deserts, plateaus, and the processes which form these landforms. These physical features evolve over a long period of time.
The human aspect studies the interrelationship between man and earth. It covers cultural (ethnicity, religion), geo-political, historical, economic and other aspects. These change as compared to the physical ones in a comparatively short time frame, say, two or three decades. For this reason, you will find that most of the geography textbooks are not rewritten or revised. Mostly, it is the used textbooks that keep changing hands.
It is ironical that this stream is underrated as a career choice even as the practical applications of this body of knowledge finds great use in our everyday lives. Whether it is the city map at your home or the modern day GPS device in your car, these are the result of technological innovation in this area. And, it is also relevant while studying other subjects like history, polity, and environmental sciences in schools and colleges. Further, while opting for careers in travel and tourism, journalism, digital mapping, urbanization studies, and demographics, the knowledge of Geography is essential. Some of the jobs even require a degree in the field. You can simply read any relevant book on it. If budget is a constraint, you can even go for less expensive used textbooks.
New Innovations
With the development of geographical thought and quantitative revolution, a new study called Geometrics has evolved. Its continuous evolution has enabled the measurement of various phenomena using advanced devices. Modern remote imaging, digital mapping technologies, and cartography have led to development of Geographical Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems. These have proven to be invaluable for resource mapping, defense and geo-political purposes, and for maintaining law and order. It is true; geography is a vast area of study.

Economics of Tariffs

It's been fashionable among the economics opinion-makers to follow the gospel of free trade and globalisation. Tariff barriers have been removed or reduced and international trade has grown. Free-trade zones have been established. Treaties signed that take away governments' control over imported product standards, and by extension our own control over the safety and quality of imported foods and other products. A 'level playing field' is created.

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Let's look at two hypothetical countries - - Country A we'll call Alphatica and Country B we'll call Betaria.
If Alphatica drops its import tariffs for computer monitors to zero, it's opening up its domestic market to foreign competition. Betaria maintains a tariff barrier to imports of computer monitors which protects its own industry. Now the computer monitor makers in Alphatica don't have the same protection as the makers in Betaria, so they're at a disadvantage. They can try to export to Betaria, but the tariffs applied to their products there make them uncompetitive. The local monitor makers in Alphatica soon go out of business, losing manufacturing employment and technical expertise. Alphatica becomes a computer monitor importer, without a domestic industry or know-how. The monitor makers from Betaria see the lack of competition and raise their prices accordingly.
No big deal?
So multiply this situation over a number of different industries. You soon see the picture - - Alphatica, through its liberal tariff policies has exported many jobs in manufacturing and industry to other countries. The ones with some form of tariff protection. The ones who support and nurture local industry. Alphatica is no longer able to make its own consumer goods, nor provide employment in making them.
There is greater strain on the government to provide unemployment benefits and other economic relief to badly affected areas that were once the economic engines of the nation. There is less tax revenue now, so taxes are raised to pay for this relief, putting further strain on remaining profitable industries. Or else taxes are not raised, and government deficits grow and grow instead, in the hope that someday the debt crisis will be solved.
Sounds all too familiar?
And heaven help Alphatica if its food growers become uncompetitive in a free market, and the country becomes dependent on food imports just to feed itself.
Now, tariffs have been used in the past to subsidise inefficient industries. Lazy companies that don't invest in modern plant and equipment; that don't innovate; whose directors are complacent - - but who are politically well-connected - - could exist and even flourish under a corrupt tariff regime.
But tariffs can also be set in a transparent fashion, matching other countries' tariffs. A balance can be reached between healthy competition and destructive competition. Ultimately, there's more wealth to be created - - and shared - - through cooperation than through competition.
Tariffs are a tool.

Adding Up The Sociology Degree Salary

Armed with a sociology degree, salary figures vary from the low to high ranks depending on one's place of employment as well as role. The discipline mainly focuses on the study, research and analysis of how man conducts himself within society. As such, the earning potential is widely spread across a variety of jobs in servicing the many people groups. Opting to put on the cloak of a counselor, one can work in the confines of a corporation disseminating advice to the workforce in areas of career advancement as well as problem resolution. Some lean towards the outward approach of understanding market trends and consumer reaction to changes. This then helps the management make informed decisions on product launches, rebranding exercises as well as corporate social responsibilities.

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Aside from the commercial aspects, a sociology degree salary may be just as rewarding in the areas of rehabilitation. In the course of study, the individual can opt to focus on the less favorable group of society. Upon completion, one can work with the penitentiary system as well as reform centers for the purpose of rehabilitating the incarcerated. Although commonly labeled as the dregs of society, these characters need to re-assimilate themselves into society upon their release. If one prefers the academia, it is essential to obtain more advanced qualifications for a teaching position. The sociology degree salary of a PhD holder definitely enjoys the higher bracket as education ultimately outranks practical experience in the world of teaching.
As the sociologist is trained to observe and ascertain public sentiments towards change, their contribution to political campaigns is also greatly appreciated. Valuable advice to ambitious candidates on what to say and do may help propel their chances for career advancement in the political arena.

English Pronunciation

Pronunciation is an important aspect of learning English. If you learn the incorrect pronunciation of a word, you may not understand it when someone pronounces the word correctly. Also, when you use the word, the person listening may not understand you.
An exchange student from Mexico asked me if we could go to a "boo-fet." I asked him for clarification. Now, I understood. He was trying to pronounce the word buffet (buh-fay). He learned the incorrect pronunciation from his teacher of English.
Let's make a list:

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photograph, photographer, photography, photographic, photographed, photographically, photogenic
Do you know the correct pronunciation of these words? You probably can pronounce some of these words correctly.
In English, one syllable in any word is called the stressed syllable. The stressed syllable is the part of a word that you give the most emphasis to. Stressed syllables are often perceived as being more forceful than non-stressed syllables. The following underlined syllables are stressed:
sofa, telephone, celebrity, computer
Here are the pronunciation rules. Remember, every rule has an exception or two.
When the word ends in -al (architectural), -crat (democrat), -ist (economist), -meter (thermometer), or -y, -cy, -gy, -fy, -phy, -ry, -try, the stress generally falls on the ante-penultimate syllable. For example, in architectural, "tec" is the ante-penultimate syllable.
ar chi tec tur al
al - ultimate syllable
tu - penultimate syllable
tec - ante-penultimate syllable
When the word ends in -ian, -ic, ics, -sion, -tion, the stress is usually on the penultimate syllable. For example, politician, "ti" is the penultimate syllable.
When the word ends in -ee,-eer the stress usually is placed on the last syllable.
Most other endings, for the most part, do not change the stress of the base word. For example, -able, -ed, -er, --ful, -ing, -ise, ize, -ist, -less, -ly, -ment, -ness, -ous, -ure.
architecture, employed, useless
Prefixes usally do not change the stress of the base word. generate / degenerate
believe / disbelieve
national / international
action / transaction
In the list below, underline the stressed syllable in the word families.
photograph, photographer, photography, photographic, photographed, photographically, photogenic
economy, economic, economist, economics, economical, economically
architect, architecture, architectural, architecturally
industry, industrial, industrially, industrious, industrialize, industrialization, industrialist, industrialism
democrat, democracy, democratic, democratically, democratize, democratization
employ, employer, employee, employing, employed, employment
use, used, user, useless, uselessly, uselessness, useful, usefully, usefulness, usable

Top 5 Recommended Luxury Hotels in Bali

The beautiful island of Bali receives travellers from all over the world, with a wonderful mix of spectacular tropical surroundings, a great cultural experience, and vibrant modern city life. The isle has various spots, ranging from its remarkable structures to its unsurpassed natural landscape, to its chic night life. There are numerous Bali luxury hotels. Here are the top five recommended luxury hotels:

COMO Shambhala Estate, Ubud
This indulgant retreat, hidden among the luscious green lungs of Bali's traditional boiling pot, Ubud. The hotel's 31 exceptionally tasteful guest accommodations are a combination of modern luxury and traditional teakwood and materials. The Viceroy Bali, Ubud
Tucked away on a hillside in the spectacular natural greenery of Ubud, The Viceroy Bali makes a truly exclusive getaway. This family-owned boutique hotel takes on a beautiful traditional-style exterior, though the interiors are immaculately modern and luxurious with traditional furnishings. Patrons can also indulge themselves in the hotel's fascinating health spa and fine dining restaurant.
Desa Seni, Canggu
Unlike many other modern, sleek five-star resorts in Bali, the Desa Seni uniquely resembles a traditional Balinese village, from head to toe. Set by the extraordinary beach, the hotel is surrounded by rice fields, and is just short drive from Seminyak. There are just 12 luxurious guest villas, a relaxing spa, a saltwater lap pool, a restaurant, and plenty of available activities.
Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali, Ubud

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Nestled on a spectacular, steep hillside, the Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali overlooks the Ayung river gorge. But though being nestled in fine, lush greenery, this first rate hotel is of a premier latest Balinese design.There are a mere 38 guest rooms with private plunge pools and magnificent panoramas. Adding to the excellent atmosphere is the hotel's spa and wellness centre, and a renowned restaurant.
The Elysian Boutique Villa Hotel, Seminyak
Beautifully set amongst lush Balinese gardens, with balmy sea breezes, The Elysian Boutique Villa Hotel offers an exclusive, romantic getaway. There are just 26 luxurious, stylish private villas here, each with its own private pool. This five-star boutique hotel has a fitness centre, meeting rooms, and a restaurant.
The most luxurious of hotels in Bali aren't necessarily beach hotels. There are countless exceptional hotels among the exquisite natural landscape of Ubud, for instance, and countless outstandingly distinguished hotels in the town area.

Taking a Degree in Biology

From their tiniest structure, their functions, origins, evolution, growth, to the relationships with their environment. Biologists are the professionals who do such studies, constantly researching, discovering and developing more procedures to enhance the various aspects of life. There are times when biologists will discover an organism and would attempt to classify with existing organisms them by determining each individual feature the organism exhibits, including their interactions with the surroundings. Some biologists would work in laboratories, while others may work in the field where they can make observations on organisms in their natural habitat.

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Some of the general subjects students will need to take are like biology, chemistry, ecology, research, math, and statistics. The study of microorganisms is called microbiology; the study of animals is zoology; and the study of plants is called botany. Below this hierarchy would be the breakdown of each group of study, which would be molecular study, cellular biology, physiology, and ecology. Depending on the area of specialization, the biologist will adopt the job name based on the type of organism studied.
The degrees offered for Biology would be the Associate, Bachelor, Master's, and the Doctorate degree. There are also online Biology degrees available that are recognized, so long they are accredited. Having either of these certifications will open up doors to many agencies, like government agencies, medical research facilities, and environmental groups. Nevertheless, having a Bachelor's or higher degrees of either conventional or online Biology degrees will enable one to find jobs of mid- to higher level positions. Some common positions include researchers, project managers, or even consultants.

The Benefits of Taking AP Courses

AP courses are a great way to help you get your schooling completed. If you're not familiar with the term, AP stands for advanced placement. It can help to qualify you for scholarships and grants too. With a great score on an AP test though it could help to balance it all out in your favor.
There are plenty of different AP courses that you may wish to explore. Three of the common ones include biology, chemistry, and economics. You will find these types of AP courses offered online as well as locally. The fees for them will vary as well but most of the time they are very affordable. With an AP test that occurs locally you will have to find out when they are scheduled. The frequency of them often depends on the demand. Talk to your high school counselor as well as local college campus admissions. They can help you to identify what options you may have locally.
If those AP courses aren't going to work well for you then consider some of them online.

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You will be given specific guidelines to verify your identity, log in information, and often a set amount of time to complete the test. Let's look at some of these individual tests so you know what to expect. An AP biology test is structured to offer you testing about what you would cover in a first year introductory college class. If you wish to bypass these lower level college courses you need to have the permission of the instructor. Showing that you have an excellent grade on an AP biology test may encourage them to grant you the admission that you want.
With the AP chemistry test you will get the equivalent of a beginning level chemistry class for a college campus. If you took a great deal of chemistry in high school you may be ready to take such a test without much preparation. This too can be your ticket to taking higher level classes on the college campus as a freshman. For the AP economics you will find that it covers a wide variety of introductory terms and policies. For the individual that took advanced economics in high school this type of AP test will be one they can pass with flying colors. You certainly don't want to feel like you are wasting your time as a freshman in college. Strive to be in courses that interest you but that will also challenge you.
You may find it is to your benefit to complete AP courses based on your initial testing score. Should you score high enough though that can constitute you being advanced enough not to have to complete the course.

Algebra and Calculus Based Approaches

Many students take classes in physics as requirement for their undergraduate degree. This is one reason why Introduction to Physics classes are so big. Generally speaking, there can be both algebra-based and calculus-based physics available at you college or university.
Algebra-based Physics can be a great place to begin since it attempts to take the challenge of calculus out of the discussion. The concepts covered in a single quarter or semester are based mostly on common experiences everyone has in daily 21st century life.

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The physics lab course that complements the lecture helps to make the equations meaningful.
A favorite lab/lecture involves projectile motion. Here the concepts of time and distance are investigated for various objects of different weights propelled through the air at different angles. The experiment is simple: launch an object at an angle, see where it lands, and compare to the equations that describe projectile motion. Here, the actual concept is simple since everyone understands projectile motion. Getting involved in tracking the details and relating the data to 2-dimensional motion is the challenge. There are easily defined changes in time and distance that relate directly to the Projectile Motion Equations.
In this case, there is practically no difference between how algebra-based physics and calculus-based physics is being learned.
Calculus-based Physics provides an opportunity to showcase how our attempt to understand our environment has driven a development of math to explain the relationships. Most students in this sequence progress through Introduction to Physics and Calculus simultaneously. Trust me, the classes really do compliment each other and will set the foundation for the type of studies involved in advance courses in almost every applied scientific field. The increased exposure to how Physicist apply and derive scientific ideas and how Mathematicians derive mathematical relationships helps to maintain as sense of discovery.
While there is not a one-to-one comparison between where your physics class and you calculus class will be at any given time, you need the practice and exposure. Many times a Physics Instructor will derive the equations from basic relationships and where there is calculus, there is almost always algebra. In fact, you'll quickly discover that the physics classes will make you a stronger student in calculus because there will be physical meaning to the vocabulary of calculus.
Algebra-based or Calculus-based, whichever you decide is best for you, will help you appreciate the importance of discovery in the scientific process. I wish you success in your journey.

The Two Best Words in the English Language

Suppose you could only hear two words. Which one solitary phrase would you prefer?

When I was fresh and young and waited anxiously to be "Grown Up"; days extended for weeks, years fossilized agonizingly into forevers, and the sight of shiny, wrapped, sparkling presents covering the kitchen table, illuminated by the glow of candles on a brightly colored cake, brought two joyful words: "Happy Birthday."
Years paraded onward until hours were crammed with binders, book covers, and ballpoint pens. Forcing my head from the soft pillow each weekday morning via the nasty braying of an alarm, I stared impatiently at the oversized, featureless, inhumane, institutional school clock as it clunked sloth-like, minute by minute, until the end of my annual imprisonment. I longed to fill my ears with the sounds of: "Summer Vacation."

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The phrases that bring joy change with life's seasons. Education's victory lap culminates in "College Graduate." Career searches terminate with the contracted: "You're Hired."
Expressions of elation come from all places. Upon ratcheting up my courage enough to ask her to share her life, my love blessed me with, "I Will," which became - declared in front of friends and family - "I Do."
Children came forth and the doctor greeted us with, "Perfectly Healthy." And as grown men, I remain burst-your-buttons proud of "My Sons."
So much emotion; so few syllables.
Earlier this year, my 47-year old brother-in-law - more brother to me than in-law - went for a "Routine Procedure." Without forewarning two words inalterably stabbed through his life, "Rectal Cancer." Two more followed thereafter: "Stage Three."
Our family has felt like it has been in free-fall since that time, "Complete Upheaval." He, my sister, and their nine-year old, intelligent, loquacious, spirited son, have had their lives put "On Hold." "Feeling Powerless." "Very frightened." "Praying hard."
With "Unbearable Anticipation," I answered a phone call to hear the results of the surgery to remove his tumor and rid his liver of a lesion. She was his rock, facing her own fears, to "Be Strong" "For Him."
"The doctors said it went real well. It began as a self-conscious chuckle; a slight, faint trickle of happiness. Reinforced by the doctor's words as they slowly began to sink in, the joy and laughter merged to become a wild, freewheeling, uninhibited torrent of jubilation pouring forth from an inner place that once again dared look forward to tomorrow. Laughter, tears of joy, oft times interrupted with two words, repeated endlessly, as if what the doctor said would vanish if not restated: "Cancer Free." "Cancer Free." "Cancer Free."
There is light again.
"Thank God."

Indonesia's Budget Airlines

Indonesia has been going through a quiet economic revolution and part of that has been the opening of Indonesia's skies to low budget airlines. This has fuelled a change in the way most Indonesians travel, and opened up previously unknown destinations to local tourism.
Before Indonesia had an open skies policy, most Indonesians used to travel on long journeys bus or a boat. To many migrants who flocked to the nation's cities, this often meant traveling for days, to get home to see their loved ones.

Average Indonesians are on the move, as air flights still remain low compared to International prices- largely fuelled by the country's cheap oil.
This quiet revolution in Indonesian air travel, was not without its critics. During the early days of deregulation, some airlines sprung up selling cheap tickets, but cut back on safety to make a profit. Adam Air was one infamous example, but after one plane simply disappeared into the sea, and several accidents. The days of the 'wild west' feel of flying domestically in Indonesia has changed. Safety measures have meant that ticket prices have increased, but so has the choice of destinations- and most domestic airlines can now fly again to Europe, and other areas of the World.
There are over half a dozen low budget airlines in Indonesia. Some are regional, ferrying workers to far off Islands in Riau province, to national airlines which ply all the major cities in Indonesia. Some airlines specialize in more remoter destinations, opening them up to tourism and boosting their local economies, offering Indonesians weekend packages to more exotic, and previously neglected destinations. Boosting local business, and connecting the local population to cheaper trade routes.

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Sukarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta, is the main regional hub for domestic airlines, and it resembles more an upscale bus terminal nowadays, with affordable food courts, and a wide array of safe transport to the city. But so has Batam in Riau, or Makassar in Sulewesi, and a wide range of lesser airports like Surakarta airport in central Java that has flights to Singapore, and Malaysia.
Indonesian airlines also have adopted a sophisticated booking system, with etickets, and a payment system through local ATM's. Prices are based on the European model, depending on the season, and how long you book in advice, may differ. Consumers in Indonesia are kept up to date by the airlines, receiving regular text messages offering "specials" on certain routes- and passengers can relax in private lounges offered by the airlines, if they become members of their "club."
The benefits of Indonesia's open skies policy has shielded the country from the recession, and created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Businesses are expanding throughout Indonesia, to cater for the growing demand in inter-island commerce, and tourism.

Whilst International tourism should grow as the knowledge of this quiet revolution should attract thousands of visitors - who can now directly reach most destinations in Indonesia, within a few hours.

How Home Tutoring Can Overcome Math Stressors

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

For many students, Math has been the educational nemesis that brings down many otherwise high GPAs. Every day, they battle to get their homework assignments done, and to stay up with the rapid instructional pace the teacher puts before them. The bold student will stay after class, or catch up with the teacher before school, to get the extra help he needs to succeed. That is, if he is lucky. Many teachers just do not have the time in their instructional day for any 1:1 instruction. Tutoring is just not part of their job descriptions, even though many would be more than happy to provide that added help. The solution? Home tutoring can provide the frustrated Math student the needed 1:1 instruction in a casual, supportive environment with an educator who doesn't have outside distractions getting in the way.

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The tutor can walk the student through the Direct Teach phase of understanding the material, be there with him and offer some guided practice to ensure understanding of the material, and even design a small quiz at the end of the lesson to check for that understanding, and make modifications as necessary so that the student gets the concepts taught. This comfortable, supportive environment, along with building a strong rapport with the tutor, can help the educational process. It helps to solve missteps or problems along the way, so the student doesn't go down the wrong path for too long.
So, the next time your child comes to you and says "I just don't get this Math thing", check out a home tutor nearest you. That may very well be the difference between success and failure for your child in the world of Math.

Teaching Math at Home

Parents have the responsibility of nurturing and taking care of their children. Most parents realize that instilling a love of reading in their children is beneficial to their children's future. So everyone takes the time to read a story to their children to help instill this love of reading. What have we done lately to instill a love of mathematics in our children's life? Many parents don't like math or feel confident enough in their math skills to instill this love into their children. But like reading, mathematics is one of the school subjects taught that is absolutely necessary for functioning in society effectively. However, mathematics is one of the school subjects in the public school education system that is beginning to decline. This means that the children in these systems can't do basic mathematics by the time they graduate from high school. This means that it becomes our job, as parents, to motivate our children to love mathematics.

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Your attitude towards math greatly impacts your child's attitude towards math. If you show interest and an enthusiasm in math your child will also show interest. How do parents do this when they hate math? Take an interest in your child's mathematics education. Also, present activities around you to integrate math such as cooking, traveling, gardening, and play games.

Factoring Numbers In Math Fundamentals

Introducing factors to kids in grade 4 to 5
Finding factors is introduced to kids in grade five (some schools do it in late grade four). To learn factoring, kids should be very good in times tables and they should know basic multiplication and division. Finding factors of a number is a basic math skill which enables students to deal with fractions, help kids to understand higher concepts in algebra, such as rational expressions or dividing polynomials.

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The key to learn factoring is to know prime and composite numbers. Students should know prime and composite numbers up to one hundred at least. This gives the idea for basic understanding of factoring.
First of all, students should know that what the factors are?
I tell my students that when a given number can be written as multiplication of other two numbers, then the other two numbers are called the factors of the given number.
For example; "2" can be written as "1 x 2 = 2", hence "2" have two factors, "1" and "2" itself.
Similarly, "6" can be written as "1 x 6 = 6" and also "2 x 3 = 6", hence "6" have four factors, 1, 2, 3, 6.
From above examples, it is clear that "number itself" and "one" are always the factor of a given number. From this we can define two kinds of numbers called prime and composite.
Prime numbers:
When a number has only two factors and which are " the number itself" and "one" then this is an example of a prime number. For example; numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 93, 97 are all the composite numbers from 1 to 100.
In other words, prime numbers are the those which can't be divided by any other number (except number one).
Composite numbers:
Once students got the prime numbers, they can understand the composite numbers easily. Composite numbers are those which have more than two factors. For example; 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and so on are the composite numbers.
In other words, these numbers are those which can be divided by other numbers (other than one).
Once students are comfortable about prime and composite numbers, they can start factoring.
If the number is prime then these are the only factors. But if it is composite then there are more factors than two factors.
For example; let's find all the factors of 32.
There is no other factor which can divide 32. Similarly students can write all the factors of any other numbers.

If You Love Math You Will Enjoy

If you are passionately building your business you must learn to build it strategically rather than by accident. Keep Your Focus on the Numbers
Many home-based business owners would rather do just about anything than play by the numbers. By nature, people in direct selling are more interested in people not numbers. Building your business by the numbers will result in higher sales, more appointments and more recruits to your team each month.

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The Meaning Behind Working The Numbers

Building by the numbers means making sure that every day, every week and month you make a connection, share your presentation program or talk about the business opportunity with enough people so that you are assured recruiting and appointment success. According to industry standards, you can expect to sponsor about one new person into your team if you talk to about 10 people.

You may be wondering how you are going to bet in front of ten people every week, right? Hosting information meetings or presentations is a good way to talk to 15 to 20 people every week. This gradually becomes a word-of-mouth advertising campaign for your business.

If you did this and only had ten people at your presentations each week, by the end of the year you would have talked to 520 people! If you look back at the statistics, that is 52 new, quality people added to your team. How long would it take to become the top leader in your company?

Here is a recap of your success strategy:

1. Consistently hold one presentation a week for an entire year. You will need to book more than four presentations per month to allow for postponements and cancellations.
2. Work closely with your team to have a least 10 guests present at each event. If your numbers are less you will need to hold more events to reach your ten qualified contacts per week.
3. Include compelling recruiting seeds throughout your product presentation. Offer the business opportunity to every guest at the event.
The beauty of building your business by the numbers is that it is simple, repeatable and keeps you focused on your efforts rather than on the results. The surprising bonus to doing this on a consistent basis, is your closing ratio will improve and your team will grow even faster.

An Indonesia Bali Travel Experience to Soothe the Soul

>> Monday, January 17, 2011

The world has become so surrounded with people that you sometimes do not have time for yourself enough to hear yourself think...

Day in and day out interacting and working with people can be really stressful. In a time like this, it is best to take a moment and do away with everything and leave them behind. If staying at home doesn't quite cut it for you, then going to a place with new sights and experience can be the perfect thing, and an Indonesia Bali travel experience might just be the thing that your soul is looking for.

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The Temples Of Bali

Bali is one of the islands in the country of Indonesia. And because over 90% of the Hindu population reside here, many beautiful temples, shrines, and other wonderful structures are erected for everyone to see, giving the island another name as "the island with ten thousand temples."

Going inside these temples and taking a look at these shrines will not just project a sense of wonder to anyone, but will also give a feeling of spirituality and calm, things that are sometimes just needed desperately by the soul and the mind. Embarking on an Indonesia Bali travel opportunity will provide you these experiences, and maybe even more.

The Island Of Bali

The island of Bali, along with the whole of Indonesia sits just below the equator, making it one of the islands that has a consistent weather with its constant sunshine and a occasional rain to cool everyone off. The weather is especially perfect for Bali because the island and the people have so much festivals within the year that almost every day is a perfect enough reason to celebrate something and be a little thankful for what you have.

A Spiritual Experience

Not only will an Indonesia Bali travel experience give you a spiritual experience and some breathtaking sights to see, it will also give you a chance to explore and help out at some causes, like the Bali Children's Project, where you can help some less fortunate children and lift them out of their poverty and distress by supporting them through school-building, tutoring, or even with a small amount of money. Another group you can support is the Carbon Fund, where you can contribute whatever you have - be it time or money - to contribute to projects that involve renewable energy, reforestation, and energy efficiency.

What To Do In Bali

Aside from these spiritual and charitable events that can feed your soul, an Indonesia Bali travel experience will also give some gifts to your senses and will leave you with a feeling of appreciation for its beauty. In Bali, you will be able to see endless and bottomless seas that are clear, rolling hills, and peaks of volcanic mountains.

You can even explore the most popular forms of Balinese arts such as:

* sculpture
* painting
* woodcarving
* dancing

Even staying at the beach long enough to see a fabulous sunset will leave you breathless with wonder

If you think that the things said above are definitely for you and would want to visit Bali, one of the most important thing you have to remember to make your Indonesia Bali travel an experience so memorable is to take care of your insurance, just so you'll be covered while you're out to have some spiritual and aesthetic experiences.

How to Become a Teacher

The career options are huge - you may work in any state in the nation or even take your teaching skills abroad to teach English and other subjects to children overseas. Most likely you are interested in teaching career information for the United States, though, in which case the following information may be helpful.

The first step to become a teacher is getting a bachelor's degree. You may choose to study childhood development or education, particularly if you are going to become an elementary school teacher, but there is really no limit as to what you can study during your undergraduate years. If you want to be a high school English teacher it would make sense to study English, and if you're looking at being a middle school math teacher you would obviously want to complete a math related degree. But even if you study something like journalism or astronomy, you can still get your credential and become a teacher in any level of the K-12 system as long as you fulfill some extra requirements.

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You'll need to get your teaching credential, which may take an additional two years, and the certification requirements and degrees needed are different for each grade level and subject. Some of the teaching positions most in demand are science, math and special education teachers. These all require specialized skills, but even if you have receive a liberal arts degree, it's never too late to go back and take the additional required courses to get the teaching job you really want.
If you're looking at how to become a teacher, you're probably also interested in how much it pays. The median salary for teachers in the United States varies depending on grade level and subject area, but the national median hovers between $40,000 and $45,000 annually, with higher salaries for more experience and for tough positions like special ed. With excellent benefits and the satisfaction of making a difference, it can be a very rewarding career.

Middle School Science Fair Ideas

There are many opportunities for students to show their talents through various fairs, especially if they are in middle school. Science fairs are the place, where any student interested in science, can get involved in some project presentation, in order to satisfy his quest for knowledge. Middle school science fair ideas are selected by a student belonging to the age group of 11-14. Since these students are still young, the topics selected need not be purely original. The middle school science fair idea can be a replica of already created one with slight modifications if possible.

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The science fair is mainly intended for expressing the process of science and presenting the project work. The middle school science fair idea is mainly intended to teach the skills like planning, controlling and evaluation through the project. The project may be creation of a model kit, demonstration of a model or investigation to find out unknown answers to theoretical questions.
Middle school science fair ideas are often comprised of the following areas of science: botany, chemistry, zoology, biology, environment, earth sciences, electricity, solar energy, electronics, physics, and engineering. Some of the topics that will be suitable for the a middle school science fair idea may be such as splitting of water to hydrogen and oxygen, or a study on how to protect a computers from viruses (remember, computer science is a science).
In physics, the topics like assessing the physical property of eggs, difference between music and noise, working of gasoline engine, or the formation of rainbow pattern of light through a prism, will be of range suitable for the middle school science fair idea. Similarly in chemistry one can analyze the impact of UV rays on different objects, study of surface tension of different liquids and how it is affected, extracting pure water from salt water etc. Biological project topics can be of studying the relation between sweat and heat, studying the living conditions of different organisms or animals etc.
While presenting the project in the science fair, one should be careful in many of the minute aspects which are often left unnoticed. Few of these includes the gestures used, eye contact, using voice, introduction, giving brief description of what is to be explained, explanation, comprehending and conclusion, answering questions, preparing for answering questions, repeating the question asked by the audience, maintaining the individuality, answering the question to everyone, use of display board as a visual aid, using pointer, rehearsing the project repeatedly before actual presentation.
As a result of the latest technology one can get access to varied topics for the project through internet. There are websites which offer suggestions for carrying out different projects that will be suitable for science fair.

Simple Survival Tips For Middle School Math

Making the transition from elementary school to middle school can be like culture shock to many children. With a whole new world to adjust to in a different environment, the school work can definitely make it all overwhelming.
Math is a particularly hard subject for many middle school kids. However, the right simple survival tips for middle school math can lead them to success. It may be a good idea for the student to have a folder or binder of a specific color so they'll know that's where the math stuff is put.

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Studying should be done in a quiet area, be it in the library or their room with no music or television noises. This will greatly help with concentration. Math problems should always be done with a pencil or erasable pen, never a regular pen. Mistakes happen, and they should be able to fix those mistakes. Failure to use an appropriate writing utensil will only lead to messy paper and lots of frustration.
The parents of the student must make sure that their child has the elementary school basics of math down before entering middle school. If they aren't confident about math, their grades will suffer as a result, and they may just want to give up.
If the student doesn't understand something, they should go to a teacher or adult they trust for help. Ignoring the parts they don't understand can only lead to trouble.
Knowing these simple survival tips for middle school math could never hurt anything or anyone, and the student will only find satisfaction in what they can do.


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