How Home Tutoring Can Overcome Math Stressors

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

For many students, Math has been the educational nemesis that brings down many otherwise high GPAs. Every day, they battle to get their homework assignments done, and to stay up with the rapid instructional pace the teacher puts before them. The bold student will stay after class, or catch up with the teacher before school, to get the extra help he needs to succeed. That is, if he is lucky. Many teachers just do not have the time in their instructional day for any 1:1 instruction. Tutoring is just not part of their job descriptions, even though many would be more than happy to provide that added help. The solution? Home tutoring can provide the frustrated Math student the needed 1:1 instruction in a casual, supportive environment with an educator who doesn't have outside distractions getting in the way.

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The tutor can walk the student through the Direct Teach phase of understanding the material, be there with him and offer some guided practice to ensure understanding of the material, and even design a small quiz at the end of the lesson to check for that understanding, and make modifications as necessary so that the student gets the concepts taught. This comfortable, supportive environment, along with building a strong rapport with the tutor, can help the educational process. It helps to solve missteps or problems along the way, so the student doesn't go down the wrong path for too long.
So, the next time your child comes to you and says "I just don't get this Math thing", check out a home tutor nearest you. That may very well be the difference between success and failure for your child in the world of Math.

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