The Basic Rules of English Grammar

>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

A lot of people don't pay attention to grammar, especially when they're not in a job related to writing or public speaking. However, knowing the basic rules of English grammar is a must if one wants the respect of his or her friends and colleagues. After all, it is easier for people to understand what another person has to say if he or she can express his or her points in a reputable manner. In this article, the key concepts which regard to the use of the English language will be tackled. Read along to reacquaint yourself with these guidelines.

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The first standard in English grammar that everyone must remember is that there always has to be agreement in every part of a sentence. A subject can not be in contradiction with the other bits of the sentence that describes it or shows the action it is doing. To correct this, say "She is beautiful." instead. The same is also true when it comes to tenses or the time in which a sentence takes place. Whenever it was, is or will be, stay in that period throughout the whole sentence.
The next important English grammar rule to keep in mind is proper spelling. This is especially crucial because committing orthographical errors is sure to lessen one's sincerity and credibility. Then after spelling, comes punctuation. Periods, commas, and so forth, represent pauses when speaking. It doesn't sound good for a person to speak without stopping, particularly when articulating long paragraphs. This is why it is essential to know where to put punctuation marks. Understanding the proper usage of different punctuations would let your writing be cleared and orderly, while also avoiding run-on sentences, another English grammar no-no. Similarly, one must know the accurate usage of certain words before including them in his or her vocabulary. Though big terms may look and sound notable, erroneous usage of such is even worse than uttering more common words with certainty.
Furthermore, being aware of capitalization is another significant grammar rule. The first letter of proper names such as that of places, people and events should always be in uppercase, as well as that of every important word in a title and that of the opening word in every sentence. Lastly, always have congruence in the point of view of your passages. The basics of English grammar are quite easy to remember if one just keeps observing them. Cliche as it may sound, practice makes perfect, after all. So keep the guidelines mentioned above in mind every time you speak or write in English and you will certainly become a credible speaker and writer of the English language.

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