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>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tensions awaiting the announcement of June 30 it was at its height, the best outcome is the acceptance of students at state universities of his choice. At worst, if the student fails, there must be an accompanying phenomenon. According to him, stress and even depression are often occurs on the student participants of the National Examination (UN) and SNMPTN.

Nur Haris explained, the psychological impact that may occur in students who too wish for example stress, ie the condition when the soul feels burdened by something that is uncertain existence. The most severe impact and often occur according to Nur Haris was a suicide attempt.

He also suggested that parents become full supervisor of the condition of children, both of which are still awaiting the announcement, or if already out the results. "Never force a child, because children also have their own desires. Later there will be a moral burden to them, "he added.

Another trick, says Nur Haris, is to maintain effective communication between parents and their children "So, try to establish the quality of communication between children and parents. This is what will affect the psychological impact on children of pre-announcements and beyond, "said Nur Haris suggested.

Well sisters please refer SNMPTN 2011 Results Announcement Information on this website.

Please Select Website Pengumuman Snmptn 2011

  1. Website Snmptn, Our opinion: This website is the main website so we think would be very difficult to access because so many visitors who are looking for results announcements SNMPTN 2011.

  2. Website Universitas Indonesia

  3. Website ITB

  4. Website Undip

  5. Website ITS

Alternative Websites :
If all websites are appointed by the government are difficult to access you can also use the website below
Website Unpad, It seems to be fairly accessible, especially for those who follow and choose the university in Bandung in West Java.

When announcement SNMPTN Accessible?

Path selection process a written exam and skills exam National Selection State University (SNMPTN) 2011 has been completed. Director General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education (Directorate General of Higher Education Kemdiknas) Djoko Santoso convey, from as many as 540,953 participants expressed SNMPTN received as many as 118,233 participants.

Details, 56 856 participants and 61 377 groups IPA IPS group. According to him, the number of applicants this year increased compared to last year's 447,201 attendees.

"There are as many as 20.96 percent increase in applicants," said Djoko SNMPTN announcement during a press conference in 2011 at the House Higher Education (Higher Education) Kemdiknas, Jakarta, Tuesday (28 / 6).

Djoko said the total amount received increased compared to last year that as many as 92,511. Capacity was also increased from 96,684 seats last year to 119,041 seats this year.

In this year, go Djoko, there are as many as 808 empty seats. This number decreased dramatically compared to last year 4173 as many empty seats. "Not yet filled because of a qualified not enter into it or is not a lot of registrants and the unallocated portion of the existing number," he explained.

The announcement of the selection is officially on June 29, 2011 at 19:00 and can be accessed via the page,,,, and While the announcement through the print media on June 30, 2011.

Committee Chairman SNMPTN, Herry Suhardiyanto convey, there are as many as 154,954 or 28.64 percent of participants who had values ​​above the national average, but did not pass the selection. Average value for the IPA group 56.2, while for the IPS group 53.2. "A lot of smart kids who are above average, but it is not acceptable," he said.

Herry said, the participants who have a high value, but it does not pass is because choosing a course of high-level competition. He mentioned, there are participants who reached the 90 but did not qualify, but there are also received with a value of 30. "This national competition in the race for the mechanism," he said.

Chief Rector of State Universities (MRPTNI) Musliar Kasim deliver, track capacity on the written exam has included the remaining seats from the path of the invitation. He said the addition of Kouta is once again to meet the target of 60 percent of admissions through the national selection. "We have to convey to the president to comply with Permendiknas No. 34/2010," she said.

According to these regulations, colleges can capture at most 40 percent of new students in each course through a pattern of new admissions independently. Participants who do not qualify SNMPTN still have the opportunity to follow the selection into the PTN through independent pathways, undertaken after SNMPTN.

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