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>> Friday, July 1, 2011

Tanjungpura University was established on May 20, 1959 as a private university under the name National Power by the Foundation University College of National Resources. Faculty member in the first time is standing scholars and young scholars in the area of West Kalimantan. National Power University and then became the State University dinegerikan Pontianak (UNEP) based on Ministerial Decree No. 53 of 1963 PTIP, dated May 16, 1963.

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In accordance with political developments and the state in 1965, UNEP was renamed the University Dwikora on September 14, 1965. Further, with Presidential Decree No. 171 of 1961 as of August 15, 1967, set back from the University Dwikora name change to University Tanjungpura (UNTAN) eventually survive until now. Until now, UNTAN has 8 faculties with education up to Strata Two (S2).

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