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>> Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The first day of implementation of the National Selection Entrance State University (SNMPTN) 2011 in West Papua lonely enthusiasts. This year, all over West Papua, only 521 participants who signed up to follow SNMPTN.

Hundreds of participants are to take the test in four cities, namely Manokwari (336 participants), Sorong (107 participants), Kaimana (40 participants) and Fakfak (43 participants).

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Quiet the interest the students take the test as many high school graduates in West Papua who choose to continue their studies outside New Guinea.

Acting Rector of the University of Papua (Unipa) Manokwari, Marlyn Lekitoo also recognize the interest the students take exams lonely.

Even according to Marlyn, the number of participants fell far compared to last year that number reached 800 people.

"There is a tendency to follow SNMPTN students enrolling this year fell compared to last year. In addition to many who select courses to other regions, there are many students who choose levels than undergraduate diploma," said Marlyn in Manokwari, Tuesday
(31 / 5).

According to Marlyn, Unipa party actually has opened admissions through three channels. Namely SNMPTN, Fellow or Student Selection Mainstay Login Unipa and local tests. But the point is also less favorable reception.

If last year managed to capture Neighbor track more than 700 participants, this year only about 400 people.

As for the path invitation, students who enroll only 36 people. "We also could not confirm whether they will all re-register or not," said Marlyn.

This year, according to Marlyn, party quotas Unipa prepare about 1,000 student seats. Marlyn hope these quotas will be met after the implementation of local selection which will be implemented in the near future.

In Unipa itself, really has opened 19 courses for undergraduate level diplomas and 11 majors. Marlyn hope majors who opened it will attract the interest of graduates to college in Unipa.

"Of all the courses, only some of the favorite. Like the Economic and Literature for undergraduate and Computers for the diploma," said Marlyn.

Implementation SNMPTN in West Papua this year held in four districts namely Manokwari, Sorong, Fakfak and Kaimana. To Manokwari, the implementation done in the Campus Unipa exam. While in other cities, held in a number of schools.

Meanwhile Monitoring SNMPTN East region, Rifdan, revealed a number of weaknesses in the implementation unjian this year. One is the weakness in the random system in place when determining the number of participants.

One result of the random system is the number of seats that are not filled. "We look like is happening now. Of the 80 seats that the committee set up in one room, only filled about 25 to 30 seats," said Rifdan.

However, according Rifdan, the implementation of the first day of testing this exam Mathematics, Indonesian and English run smoothly.


Keys Answer of Soal Snmptn 2011 IPA

Local Selection Committee for the National Entrance State University (SNMPTN) in Bandung declare the existence of absolutely no jockey on the first day of this exam. However, there are some implementation issues to be discussed and exam specifically reported to the central committee.

Local Committee Secretary SNMPTN Bandung, Asep Gana Suganda, said there were no reports from all supervisors jockey until exams were finished before noon.

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The problem that it is still popping up around the exam, which is related to online registration system. First, reports of photos on the card participants. From the observation Tempo, reporting that problem continues to come surging into the committee secretariat at ITB until this afternoon.

They were asked supervisors to fix or complete the photo on the card participants. Because, there are photos that are not clearly printed, printed only a half, until discharged.

Reasons participants who noted the committee, they've included a photo during online registration, but the committee computer system was not optimal. Some participants eventually asked to submit a new photo for the card taped to the participant. "The number of troubled more than 30 participants," said Asep.

Still less maximal relevant information systems and technology central committee, some participants experienced a double test numbers. The amount recorded increases until this afternoon so seven people from the previous five participants during the first day of rest before the exam. "I leave the matter to the information and technology," said Asep.

Problem number of participants who have this dual test, he said, a special local committee will be reported to the committee SNMPTN central Bandung. The aim is to guarantee the rights of participants did not fall because of system error.

Keys Answer of Soal TPA Snmptn 2011

>> Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Regional I :

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Keys Answer of Soal Snmptn 2011

>> Monday, May 30, 2011

Chief executive of national selection into public universities (SNMPTN), 2011, Harry Suhardiyanto, said it has conducted a variety of anticipation and continuous improvement as an effort to eliminate all forms of cheating on the written exam lane SNMPTN 2011.

Herrera explained, in addition to forms of matter are distinguished between students who graduated this year and graduate students the previous year, namely 2009 and 2010, another tactic is to attach the seat number of participants a few hours before the time the test done.

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"It's part of the improvements that we do constantly to ensure that even small acts of fraud can be eliminated. Including this year, about to graduate earlier distinguished graduate this year," said Harry, Tuesday (05/31/2011) in SMAN 82, Jakarta Selatan.

In addition, Herrera continued, "It's also one of our efforts to deter fraud jockey."

"Especially from those who already graduated and was accepted at a good college, but still take the exam again. Not for himself, but represent another person in order to pass this exam, and it is not justified," he said.

While on a separate occasion, the Minister of National Education (Education Minister) Mohamad Noah claims to have anticipated the existence of leakage and fraud in the execution of a written exam SNMPTN path. Noah said, all forms of fraud will be traced. If it is proven, he promised to give strict punishment to anyone who is involved in carrying out fraud.

"Never mind the leak, just dripping have been anticipated. Sanctions first, who leaked it, obviously he is responsible. We agreed with the president of all public universities, if faculty or students PTN divulge the jockey will be out," said Noah .

Local Committee (Panlok) National Selection Entry Bandung State University (SNMPTN) in 2011 to receive information on indications of fraud in the form perjokian SNMPTN. However, until now has not seen such cases.

"But, yesterday fraudulent information that way already exists," said the First Executive Secretary of the Local Committee Bandung SNMPTN Asep Gana Suganda 2011 in Bandung, on Tuesday (31/05/2011).


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