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>> Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education No. 006 of 2008 on Guidelines on Admission of New Candidate State Universities and Regulation of the Director General of Higher Education Department of Education No.18/DIKTI/Kep/2008 dated March 28, 2008 on the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs, The Rector of State Universities and the Director General of Higher Education Department of Education held a selection of new students together at the national level in the form of the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs (SNMPTN) under the coordination and responsibility of the State Council of Higher Education Chancellor Indonesia (MRPTNI).

SNMPTN is the only selection patterns conducted jointly by the State Universities in one integrated system using about the same or equivalent and be held simultaneously. SNMPTN 2010 will be conducted in the spirit to expand public access across Indonesia for admission to public universities. To ensure the credibility of the selection committee in 2010 SNMPTN strive to improve the quality of implementation. One form of improvement and implementation mechanism SNMPTN 2010 is an online registration system has been applied for the first time. In general, important information regarding the implementation SNMPTN which still applies to SNMPTN 2011 are:

Registration mode
In general, how to register online SNMPTN 2010 are as follows:

  1. Prospective participants pay examination fees in Bank Mandiri through the counter / ATM / Internet Banking.

  2. After payment, applicants will receive proof of payment that contains: (a) Number of Identity potential participants, and (b) PIN SNMPTN all 16 characters. Identity Number and PIN SNMPTN This is highly confidential and should not be disclosed to others.

  3. Potential participants to register online (via Internet) by visiting the website address SNMPTN 2010.

  4. After registering online, applicants will receive a Proof of Registration card which has been accepted as an identification card signed SNMPTN 2010 Participants should be brought when the exam.

  5. Examinees can choose the program in each state university studies outside the region where the participants take exams. Examination site does not constitute acceptance criteria, so that examinees do not have to take exams at the Higher Education Study Program or the State who became his choice. Participants can choose the desired location of the exam.


Candidates must fight through the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs (SNMPTN) competing for seats in the PTN dreams. But in fact, the allocation of the contested seats PTN is very low compared to the enthusiasts.

Participants SNMPTN 2010 reached 447 000 people, up 10 percent from a year earlier. The capacity of 82 000 candidates only 57 students in the PTN. Therefore, the Minister of National Education (Education Minister) M Nuh said, starting next year, the acceptance of new students through a national selection will be more than the path independent. However, revenues depend on the capacity of each state university.
Noah states, the average ratio of the number of participants in 2010 compared SNMPTN capacity equivalent to 5:1, considering the number of high school graduation is also increased so that the necessary additional capacity in the PTN.
"There are two things you can do to raise the share of new students in the PTN. First, the PTN must raise the capacities of students, for example, who had been one course of study receive the 50 students, so 70 students. Second, raise the efficiency of educational old, who had six years to eight semesters, might diefisienkan or shortened so that PTN can quickly accommodate new students, "Noah said on the sidelines of Sudden Inspection SNMPTN, in Jakarta, Wednesday (16 / 6). Emphasized, however, that policy is still being kept under review and will be stipulated in Government Regulation (PP). Unclear how many new students through SNMPTN quotas.

Download Drill of Soal SNMPTN 2011

Test of Academic Potential (TPA), Download here

Basic Skills exams

Test Area Science Studies

Social Studies Exams


Examinees who choose the course Sport and / or art skills are required to follow the exam. Exam Skills Participants can take exams at the State University Exam Skills organizers have the closest similar study program study program at the State University who became his choice.

Deputy Minister of National Education (Wamendiknas) Fasli Jalal also said that the policy in order to enlarge the portion of state university admission through SNMPTN until now still in the process penggodokan. Ministry of National Education is still considering whether SNMPTN conducive to accommodate students from all walks of life to enter the PTN quality.

Low Acceptance

Meanwhile, the Rector of the University of Indonesia (UI) Gumilar Rusliwa Sumantri admitted, admission of new students through SNMPTN low UI. In 2009, UI received only 30 percent of total new students. The biggest revenue path is through the selection of the university (refer to the UI), which reached 40 percent, which was held independently UI. In addition, acceptance of new students through the UI as well and Equal Opportunity Achievement Program Learning (PPKB) and the Joint Entrance Examination (UMB).
Gumilar say, the portion of revenues through the direct selection organized UI deliberately enlarged. "UI want to really get the students who truly excel. Evidently, students accepted through the PPKB GPA is very high, more than 3.6, "said Gumilar.
Rector of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Herry Suhardiyanto also acknowledge acceptance of new student in the IPB through SNMPTN only about 16 percent. Largest acceptance is through search path Interest and Ability (PMDK) reached 66 percent and the remaining selection through Entrance Test Invitation (UTM) IPB.


Meanwhile, the Committee of Local 42 Semarang 2010 SNMPTN caught a participant who allegedly cheating when doing the exam, Wednesday (16 / 6). Female participants who came from a high school in West Kalimantan are known to hide supervisors are equipped with cellular phone headsets.
According to a regulation SNMPTN, participants are prohibited from bringing electronic equipment. Therefore, pantia will make news-related events such violations and will submit it to the committee SNMPTN center to determine sanctions.


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