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Tadulako University, abbreviated Untad, is the state universities in Palu, Indonesia, which was established on May 1, 1981. Rector in 2006 were Drs. H. Sahabuddin Mustafa, SE, M. Si.

The existence of universities in Central Sulawesi, as a forerunner to the University Tadulako through 3 (three) stages of the history of the period Tadulako private status (1963-1966), the period of the status of the Branch (1966-1981), and the status of state colleges that stand alone, UNIVERSITY Tadulako (UNTAD), from 1981 until now.

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1. Private status period (1963-1966)

Tadulako University as a private college, grow and develop with funding from a purely self community of Central Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, standing before the regional status as a Regional Level I. Tadulako naming for the University is intended by its founders to become Tadulako University Higher education institutions that produce leaders who have the virtue properties. Tadulako concretely means leader, and by their nature, Tadulako means virtue. Thus Tadulako is a leader who has the primacy of nature (fair, wise, honest, intelligent, courageous, passionate, pengayom, defenders of the truth).

Thus the strong desire of the community leaders in this region, who started his hard work by putting the steps towards the creation of institutions and the scientific community, through the formation of a University. Of hard work, on May 8, 1963 stood Tadulako University with private status, the first rector Drh. Nasri Gayur. After going through various efforts to improve the status and role Tadulako University, on 12 September 1964 improved its status to "registered" in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science Number: 94/B-SWT/P/64, with four faculties, each individual:

§ Faculty of Social and Political.

§ Faculty of Economics

§ Faculty of Animal Husbandry

§ Faculty of Teacher Training and Educational sciences, majoring in Life Sciences and Education.

Selanjutnuya development increased again one faculty: the Faculty of Law so that the whole into five faculties.

2. Branch period (1966 - 1981)

Various efforts and hard work done by community leaders in this area, gave birth to universities with the status of branches, each branch Tadulako University of Hasanuddin University, based on the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) No. 1 of January 1, 1966 1966 and the Institute of Teacher Training and Education (Teachers' Training College), Ujung Pandang Palu branch based on the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) No. 2 of 1966 dated January 1, 1966.

Tadulako University of Hasanuddin University Branch (Branch Untad Unhas) is comprised of four faculties, namely:

§ Faculty of Animal Husbandry.

§ Faculty of Economics

§ Faculty of Law

§ Faculty of Social and Political.

While IKIP Ujung Pandang Hammer Branch consists of three faculties namely:

§ Faculty of Education Sciences

§ Faculty of Literature and Art Teacher Training

§ Faculty of Science Teacher Training Eksata.

Since then both branches are experiencing college life in a way that is very determined by their respective parent, especially in terms of education, provision of academic and administrative staff. Besides the role of the parent universities Ujung Pandang Hasanuddin University and Teachers' Training College, the role of local government and community leaders in this area will determine the development of the two branches of the college.

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