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>> Friday, July 1, 2011

The history of the State University of Manado began with the establishment of Higher Education Teacher Education (PTPG) that one of the 4 PTPG first established in Indonesia. 4 PTPG stood first in Indonesia consists of PTPG Batusangkar, PTPG Malang, Bandung PTPG, and PTPG Tondano based on Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia No. 2450/KB/1955 September 22, 1955.

Tondano PTPG led by Prof. Dean. Mr. G.M.A. Ingkiriwang since year 1955 till 1956 and was the first head PTPG Tondano to experience various changes to FKIP Hasanuddin University Makassar in 1956 s / d in 1958, in the year 1958 till 1960 in Manado FKIP UNHAS Tondano chaired by Prof. Drs. W.F.J.B. Tooy as Acting Chairman and in 1960 s / d in 1961 became dean FKIP UNHAS Tondano in Manado. In 1961 s / d in 1963 changed again to FKIP UNSULUTTENG also still with Dean Prof. Drs. W.F.J.B. Tooy to become IKIP Yogyakarta Manado Branch in 1963 s / d in 1965.

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In 1965 s / d 1966 State Teachers' Training College Galway led by a chairman of the Presidium of Brig. Soenandar Proyosoedarmo to prepare a definitive leadership. And based on Decree No. 38 dated PTIP March 8, 1965 jo Presidential Decree No. 275 of 1965 dated 14 September 1965 State Teachers' Training College Galway stands alone with the Rector Prof.. Drs. W.F.J.B. Tooy who served from 1966 until 1970.

Manado State Teachers' Training College was led by an officer while the Rector and Rector A Careteker. In 1970 s / d 1971 State Teachers' Training College Galway led by EH Hampp, MA Acting Rector, later in the year 1971 s / d in 1973 continued with the leadership of Prof. Careteker. Drs. G.M.A. Ingkiriwang.

In 1973 s / d 1982 State Teachers' Training College was led by the Rector Prof.Drs Manado. E.A. Worang, then continued to the year 1982 till 1991 by the Rector Prof.. Dr. E.A. Sinolungan, SH, during his leadership of Manado State Teachers' Training College campus relocates from campus to campus Kleak new Manado on the top of Mount Tounsaru until recently.

After experiencing displacement campus, in the year 1991 to 1995 State Teachers' Training College Galway Rector returned to the election, and the elected is Prof. Dr. Max. Wullur, MS from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It continues with pemiilihan Rector in 1995 s / d in 1999 that led Prof. Dr, January Turang, MS from the Faculty of Education became the rector.

In 1999 then State Teachers' Training College Galway again held elections to choose the rector of Drs. J.L.L. Lombok, SH, M. Si as Rector of Manado State Teachers 'Training College last, after September 13, 2000 at the State Teachers' Training College, State University of Manado Manado converted based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 127 of 2000 and inaugurated by the Minister of National Education Republic of Indonesia Mr Yahya Muhaimin on October 14, 2000 with 6 fruit faculty with the first Rector Prof. Drs. J.L.L. Lombok, SH, M. Si. happen again after the next election can not be served as Rector for the third periods, with the election of the DR. Philoteus E.A. UNIMA Tuerah as Rector of the second, which was inaugurated in Jakarta by the Education Minister Bambang Sudibyo for the period 2008 to 2013.

Based on the RI Presidential Decree No.127 Year 2000, State University of Manado (UNIMA) has a dual function, ie in addition to creating experts and professionals in the field of education, as well as create professional experts and non-educational field.

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