Versatile Investments Made by United States in Indonesia

>> Monday, December 6, 2010

Hatta Rajasa, the veteran economic minister of Indonesia articulated that, the visit of the United States President Barrack Obama will promote investments in heavy machinery and renewable energy sectors and the investments made by the United States have increased more than 870 million USD. Hatta Rajasa is expecting novel technologies and anticipating large investments in renewable energy sector. He also told that, the large locomotive companies such as the Caterpillar and General Electric should set up their office in Indonesia and the United States will be allocating funds for the development of the railway sector in the Indonesia. The Indonesian trade Minister MS Hidayat envisioned that, the investments made by the United States in Indonesia over the non-oil and gas sectors would surpass more than 1 billion USD in the forthcoming years and the government of Indonesia is delighted to welcome many U.S companies to invest in their country.

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Caterpillar, global leaders in production and delivering the mining equipments across the globe, in future hopes to invest more than 500 million USD in Indonesia. Many analysts and veterans believe that, the strong relationship between the United States and Indonesia will be helpful for both the countries in boosting more jobs and could vie with China. Hatta Rajasa told that, The State is the main export destination for Indonesia and it is the second largest export destination in terms of the volume of trade performed. The trade balance between the United States and the Indonesia for 2010 reached around 21 billion USD and this amount was reached after a marginal downfall for past couple of years.

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will be leading the commission, which was formed to pursue understanding with various countries for the development of the oil and natural gas supplies. The president moves to various countries like South Korea and Japan to meet the global leaders and discuss the multinational investments and to mark the presence of Russia in the Asian business arena. The Korea Gas Corporation and the OAO Gazprom, the largest natural gas extractor in the Russia will contract to transport the natural gas from Russia to South Korea. This will be penned in the presence of the President Dmitry Medvedev in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference, to be held in the second week of November 2010 in Japan.

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