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>> Monday, December 6, 2010

For many students who are skilled in mathematics, the idea of earning a degree in the subject is a dream come true. Schools online offer online degrees in mathematics that a number of students would be thrilled earn.

A career in mathematics can actually lead graduates to extremely interesting places. Mathematicians and their close counterparts, statisticians, seem to work in every industry, running the world from the background. Almost any field, from banking and accounting to biological science and computer software engineering, provides viable career options for graduates with an online degree in mathematics.

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One of the most applicable branches of mathematics for students to major in is called applied mathematics. Applied mathematics is a branch of mathematics that specifically concerns itself with techniques typically used in the application of mathematical knowledge to other domains. Applied mathematics is used to study the physical, biological or sociological world from a mathematical point of view.
Applied mathematicians are masters are reducing practical problems in the world to their most basic mathematical units. They take these problems and employ a number of techniques, often in conjunction with computer technology, to tackle their problems. They may work on any number of issues, from determining the safety of pharmaceuticals to working with the Department of Homeland Security to study bioterrorism.

Working as a statistician is another career field closely related to a mathematics degree. The basic job description involves analyzing, interpreting and summarizing data. They use their mastery of numbers to conduct experiments and social surveys, translating the data to address practical issues, much like applied mathematicians. The two career fields are extremely closely related, and a student graduating with a degree in mathematics can find work in either area.

Online degree programs in mathematics and statistics are available at the bachelor's, master's and doctorate levels. Though the curriculum at your school may vary depending on your specific degree program, common courses may include calculus and matrix algebra, computational mathematics and biostatistical methods. A solid background in computer science, as well as a foundational knowledge of biology, chemistry, economics and even business, may prove advantageous to you after graduation.

Though the salary for mathematicians and statisticians is as variable as the degree program, as informational technology advances, so does the need to formally educated graduates in those fields.

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