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>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zune players are considered new compared to iPods. As such, not much information is available about how to download music to Zune. But if you are already familiar with using MP3 players, then what you read here would be simple to grasp.
Anyone who owns an iPod would know how to download music to Zune quite easily. You would need computer software. For iPod, it is iTunes software but for Zune, you can use the Windows media player which should be a resident program if you are using Windows OS. There are essentially 3 ways to get hold of the Zune music downloads.
The first is of course to rip songs from CDs and download music to your Zune. Simply load the disc onto your ROM drive and then activate Windows media player. Click on your CD icon and you should see the songs available on the disc.
From there, just pick the tracks you like and mouse click the "Rip" button. The songs that are ripped would appear shortly in the library. Once it is done, connect your player to the computer via a USB cable. If the settings are properly configured between your player and the PC, synchronization should take place automatically and it would download the music to your Zune.
Even if the synchronization is incomplete, what you can do is manually copy and paste the music files onto your player. Other formats like RealMedia and DivX are not, so don't bother.
On top of ripping, there is another method to download music to Zune players. This is the common route which is to buy your songs from mainstream music stores like Zune marketplace, iTunes, Amazon and so on. Each song typically costs around $0.99 onwards.
There is a third option nowadays to download music to Zune players. For a flat fee, you can actually purchase a yearly or lifetime membership to paid services for unlimited Zune music downloads. There are more than a million songs and soundtracks to download. This alternative is becoming more popular among youngsters these days due to its affordability and constantly updated database.

Learn how you can get access to unlimited Zune downloads for your Zune player instantly. Also, read another article on finding cheap unlimited Zune downloads.

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