How To Download Music To Psp The Easy Way

>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

Easily learn how to download music to psp right now and get important psp music listening tips.
The Sony Play Station Portable gives you the ability to play games, watch movies and videos, view images and, of course, listen to music. The PSP game console even has a cool Internet browsing function.
Yep, there's no doubt about it, the new Sony PSP handheld has amazing features! So if you're looking to get psp music, here's an easy psp music download guide...
How to Download Music to PSP
Using free psp software from PSP Blender is an easy way to download music to your PSP. You'll get a cd ripper, psp video converter and complete step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to download music to PSP.
All you need to supply is a PSP USB cable or a compatible memory stick reader, and at least a 256MB Memory Card.

2 Easy Steps to Download Music Using PSP Blender:
1) Download the music files you want to your computer.
2) Transfer the music files straight to your PSP using a USB cable or compatible memory stick reader.
PSP Blender provides all the software you'll need, and gives you complete step-by-step instructions making the psp music download and transer process so simple even a child can do it!
Plus, all psp music downloads are in MP3 format and are fully compatible with iPod and other leading media players on the market.
How to transfer MP3 files to PSP:
It's easy too transfer MP3 music files from your computer to your PSP, here's how:
Connect your PSP to your computer using the USB cable.
Make a new music folder in your PSP with any name you want.
Copy your MP3 files from your computer folder
Open your newly created PSP music folder and paste the the MP3 files into the new folder.

Important PSP Music File Tip:
When creating a PSP music folder, DO NOT create a folder inside the folder you made in PSP/MUSIC because PSP will not recognize the folder. So when making your new psp music folder, it's critical to use the following path:
PSP/MUSIC/your folder/your music
How to Download PSP Music From a CD:
Downloading PSP music from a CD calls for an extra step of ripping the song from the CD. A cd ripper allows you to extract music from a cd and requires CD ripping software.
Using PSP Blender, and their free psp software downloads, makes it a breeze to download music to your PSP. They provide you with a cd ripper, psp video converter and step-by-step psp downloading instructions.
You just supply a PSP USB cable, or a compatible memory stick reader, and at least a 256MB Memory Card and you'll be downloading files to your psp like a pro!

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