Download Latihan Soal SPMB Unsoed 2011

>> Friday, July 1, 2011

Problem exercise is intended to facilitate preparation of our prospective students to enter the SPMB Unsoed 2011. Because after all the Government does not prohibit public universities (PTN) conducted an independent selection pathways for admission of new students. Based on Government Regulation No. 66/2010 the government determines the 60 percent quota of new students PTN done through the National Selection State University (SNMTPN).

Download Latihan Soal SPMB Unsoed 2011

Tes Kemampuan Dasar :

1. Matematika Dasar,

2. Bahasa Indonesia,

3. Bahasa Inggris

Tes Kemampuan IPA :

1. Matematika IPA,

2. Fisika,

3. Kimia,

4. Biologi,

5. IPA Terpadu

Tes Kemampuan IPS :

1. Sejarah,

2. Geografi,

3. Ekonomi,

4. IPS Terpadu

The point Kemdiknas not assign 100 percent of students accepted through SNMPTN. Ministry aware of universities should be given discretion in accepting students use the principles established by the college. It affirmed the minister after receiving serfitikat Angklung Indonesia Nonbenda Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, which is given by the former Ambassador to UNESCO in Kemdiknas Kunaefi Tresna Generous.

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