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>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You will never suspect, but the English language is a lot like the Spanish language - and more importantly, English can be a way to learn basic Spanish.
Many words in Spanish can be easily understood because they are very similarly spelled in the English equivalent of the word. Examples of these words, like atractivo, exactamente, posibilidad, and famoso are attractive, exactly, possibility, and famous respectively in English. There are a lot more of these words sounding almost the same and spelled similarly from Spanish in English. Knowing this, it leaves you fewer things to finally learn the basics of Spanish. Moreover, learning the basics of Spanish would also be made easier, knowing that the English language is something that you can turn to when trying to learn this second language.
Articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and even some pronouns in English have very simple equivalents in Spanish. Adding that to your new stack of similarly spelled Spanish words, you are definitely closer to finally grasp Spanish and be able to speak the language confidently.

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Here is a little rundown of some of the top 100 commonly used words in Spanish that are easy to remember:
1. de (of)
3. en (in)
4. ser (to be)
6. el/la (the)
7. que (that or what)
9. un (a)
10. se (himself or herself)
The words in the list above are very common; and most, if not all, are surely already familiar to you.
Gather the words you have just learned and try using them. Get someone who can speak both English and Spanish and try practicing with this person. Get as much assistance and ask if things are unclear, like how the verbs change in the different tenses and how prepositions are properly.

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