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>> Friday, July 1, 2011

Up to May 2009, the student body of Unpad is 43,519 students consisted of 1,346 Doctoral students, 2,027 Master students, 843 Specialist students, 1,057 Professional students, 30,036 undergraduate students, 7,670 Diploma (D-3) students and 240 Diploma (D-4) students. Among them, 10.612 are new students of 2008/2009 intake. Number of graduates in the third Inauguration of academic year of 2008/2009 was 2,224 graduates, makes total of graduates of 167,159

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In the third Inauguration of academic year of 2008/2009, graduates finished their study in 7.10 semesters for D-3 program, 9.60 semesters for undergraduate program, 5.87 semesters for master program, and 7.86 semesters for doctorate programs.

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