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>> Friday, July 1, 2011

On August 16, 2006, Minister of National Education through Higher Education in Jakarta issued a permit by Decree No. Organisation. 160/D/O/2006 10 new courses for S1, namely: Architecture, Information Systems, Public Administration, Management, Development Economics, Accounting, Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock ONCE shape changes to the University Musamus STT Merauke Merauke with courses in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science who has been running.

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President Opens Five State Universities, Including University Musamus Merauke

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inaugurated the five public universities RI border areas with neighboring countries from Cendrawasih University Auditorium Building (Uncen) in Abepura, Jayapura, Papua, on Monday.

Five State University which was inaugurated by President Yudhoyono of Jayapura is Musamus Merauke University, the University of Borneo Tarakan, University of Bangka Belitung, Polytechnic of Babylon and the Batam Polytechnic, where all the leaders were attending college in Uncen and watched it.

The inauguration of the five colleges was done after giving a public lecture for the students as well as opening the Student Executive Board meeting after the archipelago on the ground.

Inauguration of the High Court which five new college was marked by the signing directly by President Yudhoyono in five inscriptions that witnessed the whole entourage and invitations as well as leaders of BEM as the present archipelago.

President Yudhoyono said in his speech, the inauguration of five new colleges of this State which is a form of government attention to education is one of the main factors of progress of the nation.

"At the same time would be a means of increasing the Human Resources (HR) for communities in the border area are home to universities themselves," he said.

The President explained that education is the basic capital of a nation's progress and development toward better. He pointed out that South Korea in five years ago are still classified as developing countries, but currently has status as a developed country.

"It's all because of the advancement of education there. Successfully creating quality human resources and reliable and able to compete and build their country," the President said.

Minister of National Education, Mochammad Noah, saying that all new college was inaugurated, it must be given if Uncen which became the opening, so that going forward there should always be mutual coordination and cooperation between universities in question.

Accompanying the president in a public lecture that, among others, First Lady Hj. Ani Yudhoyono, Coordinating Minister Agung Laksono, Minister Gamawan Fauzi, Agus Martowardojo Finance Minister, Minister of Agriculture Suswono, State Secretary Sudi Silalahi, Education Minister Muhammad Nuh, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam, the Commander of the TNI and the police chief Agus Suhartono Pradopo East.

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