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State University of Medan (Unimed) opening reception Local Selection of Higher Education Student Affairs (SLMPTN) 2011/2012 academic year. Payment of Examination Fees has been opened since June 30 and closed on July 8, 2011.

Acceptance of new student activities in accordance with Kepmendiknas No. 34 of 2010 which states that the acceptance of new students to local selection should be done after the announcement of a written exam SMPTN pathway.

SLMPTN Unimed Registration 2011

  1. Registration for IPA Program, click here!

  2. Registration for IPS Program, click here!

  3. Registration for IPC Program, click here!

This provides a local path to the 1181 freshman bench and directed to 31 programs of study. And on the exam Unimed has teamed with the University of Amir Hamzah and Al Fattah universities to 10,000 participants.

Registration is done online is no different when the participants SNMPTN ago. Simply by opening a previously participant is required to pay Bank BNI diloket form with the identity of potential participants, such as ID cards, Parpor, driver's license or student card.

Mentioned about the costs, participants who chose science and social studies group charged Rp 150 thousand, while the IPC participants have to pay Rp 175 thousand. At the local channels have regular D3 specialized field of study in Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering as well as for non-regular directed to S1 disedikan all majors.

"If the prospective participant is difficult to access when you register online, then the local organizing committee to provide services in Puskom Unimed. But of course, prospective participants can go on working hours only. Keep in mind service without charge at all, ": Committee

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