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>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

From their tiniest structure, their functions, origins, evolution, growth, to the relationships with their environment. Biologists are the professionals who do such studies, constantly researching, discovering and developing more procedures to enhance the various aspects of life. There are times when biologists will discover an organism and would attempt to classify with existing organisms them by determining each individual feature the organism exhibits, including their interactions with the surroundings. Some biologists would work in laboratories, while others may work in the field where they can make observations on organisms in their natural habitat.

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Some of the general subjects students will need to take are like biology, chemistry, ecology, research, math, and statistics. The study of microorganisms is called microbiology; the study of animals is zoology; and the study of plants is called botany. Below this hierarchy would be the breakdown of each group of study, which would be molecular study, cellular biology, physiology, and ecology. Depending on the area of specialization, the biologist will adopt the job name based on the type of organism studied.
The degrees offered for Biology would be the Associate, Bachelor, Master's, and the Doctorate degree. There are also online Biology degrees available that are recognized, so long they are accredited. Having either of these certifications will open up doors to many agencies, like government agencies, medical research facilities, and environmental groups. Nevertheless, having a Bachelor's or higher degrees of either conventional or online Biology degrees will enable one to find jobs of mid- to higher level positions. Some common positions include researchers, project managers, or even consultants.

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