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>> Monday, January 17, 2011

There are many opportunities for students to show their talents through various fairs, especially if they are in middle school. Science fairs are the place, where any student interested in science, can get involved in some project presentation, in order to satisfy his quest for knowledge. Middle school science fair ideas are selected by a student belonging to the age group of 11-14. Since these students are still young, the topics selected need not be purely original. The middle school science fair idea can be a replica of already created one with slight modifications if possible.

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The science fair is mainly intended for expressing the process of science and presenting the project work. The middle school science fair idea is mainly intended to teach the skills like planning, controlling and evaluation through the project. The project may be creation of a model kit, demonstration of a model or investigation to find out unknown answers to theoretical questions.
Middle school science fair ideas are often comprised of the following areas of science: botany, chemistry, zoology, biology, environment, earth sciences, electricity, solar energy, electronics, physics, and engineering. Some of the topics that will be suitable for the a middle school science fair idea may be such as splitting of water to hydrogen and oxygen, or a study on how to protect a computers from viruses (remember, computer science is a science).
In physics, the topics like assessing the physical property of eggs, difference between music and noise, working of gasoline engine, or the formation of rainbow pattern of light through a prism, will be of range suitable for the middle school science fair idea. Similarly in chemistry one can analyze the impact of UV rays on different objects, study of surface tension of different liquids and how it is affected, extracting pure water from salt water etc. Biological project topics can be of studying the relation between sweat and heat, studying the living conditions of different organisms or animals etc.
While presenting the project in the science fair, one should be careful in many of the minute aspects which are often left unnoticed. Few of these includes the gestures used, eye contact, using voice, introduction, giving brief description of what is to be explained, explanation, comprehending and conclusion, answering questions, preparing for answering questions, repeating the question asked by the audience, maintaining the individuality, answering the question to everyone, use of display board as a visual aid, using pointer, rehearsing the project repeatedly before actual presentation.
As a result of the latest technology one can get access to varied topics for the project through internet. There are websites which offer suggestions for carrying out different projects that will be suitable for science fair.

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