Can You Learn English Online With Skype?

>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

If you are a teacher or a student alike, you may have heard some talk about Skype and how it can be used as an online teaching tool. This program works quite simply, but provides an extremely important function for those who are in need of communicating with others who are located around the world. From your home or work computer, you can log into Skype, and then chat with other computers. This can be accomplished in a format that feels like a telephone call, or a video chat. Those who are wondering can you learn English online with Skype might want to think about the best methods of communication that are typically used in learning.

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For example, when you go into a traditional classroom, you sit at a desk or table with the teacher facing you. The teacher is then able to interact with you either in a group setting or individually, for the best results, and may supplement their direct instruction with conversational practice. This same method can be carried out over Skype, so if you think you can learn English online you are not only right, but the method is probably not that different from what you would experience in a traditional classroom.
There are different factors that come into play that can make learning English online even more effective. If you think you can learn English online with Skype, you will probably want to find an instructor who was brought up in an English-speaking country for the best results. These instructors will be able to give you more insight into the local culture, and teach you slang terms or more informal conversational English that you are likely to experience when traveling or interacting with English speakers.
For all of these reasons, those who are wondering can you learn English online with Skype might come to the conclusion that you can in fact learn English more effectively with this method than with many others. Not only do you get the same experience with a real time teacher, but you also can benefit from speaking to someone who lives on the opposite side of the world from you, and who might have new methods and ways of explaining things than what you would find in your home country.

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