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Padjadajaran University or Unpad was established based on the initiative of prominent society members of West Java who eager to have an higher institution at which young generation of West Java can be prepared for serving as future leaders.

After a thoroughful processes, on the 11th of September 1957, Unpad was established through the Government Regulation No. 37 of 1957 and officially opened by the President Soekarno on the 24th of September 1957.

At the time of its establishment, Unpad had only four faculties, but now it has developed to be one of the leading higher educational institutions in Indonesia with 16 faculties and a Postgraduate Program. The programs offered are Doctoral Programs consists of 9 study programs, Master Programs consists of 19 study programs, 2 Specialist Programs, 5 Professional Programs, and Undergraduate Programs consists of 44 study programs, 32 study programs of Diploma (D III) and one Diploma IV study program. In addition, Unpad also has the Research and Community Service Institute to facilitate research and community service activities.

The Vision of Unpad:

“To be an excellent university in providing world class education”.

The Missions of Unpad:

1. To carry out education (teaching, research, and development of sciences and community services) that able to fulfil stakeholders needs.
2. To carry out higher education that internationally competitive and relevant to the needs of stakeholders in order to advance intellectual development and community prosperity.
3. To carry out professional and accountable management of education to elevate the institution image.
4. To produce academic individual who concern to the greatness of local and national cultural values in the diversity of world cultures.

The Goals of Unpad:

1. To reach enhancement of equal and broad community access in gaining higher education.
2. To reach excellence of institution and study programs in developing sciences and cultures.
3. To build conducive academic atmosphere in conducting teaching, research, and community services.
4. To develop and integrate utilization of information technology in enhancing quality of services that suitable to the public needs.
5. To develop cooperation with other education institutions.
6. To develop accountable and legitimate institutional management.
7. To arrange integrated finance management system and to achieve autonomous financial resources in reaching out stability of education management.
8. To develop excellent institutional image based on glorious tradition and work excellence.
9. To create Unpad as a cultural center of the typical of Sundanese culture in gaining international competitiveness.

In addition, Unpad has a Basic Scientific Pattern entitled Nurturing Law and Environment in National Development that guides civitas academica in reaching out the Vision and Mission.

Entrance Paths UNPAD


National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs (SNMPTN) is the selection of prospective students to enter universities at the national level with the pattern of written test and a test of special skills for a specific study program. The implementation was carried out by the selection committee placed SNMPTN and strategic cities where universities are located.

National Entrance Examination Selection write State University conducted simultaneously and integrated at the same hours and days with the same problem all over the state university in Indonesia, so that participants are expected to choose the location closest to the facilitation of the processing results of the selection tersebut.Proses be integrated in some areas are determined, therefore, chosen program of study
The first priority in receiving the selected state university, if the first choice is full, the choice fell on the second option, as well as to the IPC that can fill a third choice. Acceptance of students through the selection of candidates is limited to the capacity of each study program, so if its capacity is fully charged then the applicant can not be accepted.

In completing the registration form or Exam Answer Sheet (LJU), prospective students should carefully and thoroughly read all instructions listed in guide books or manuscripts in 2010 SNMPTN participant matter. Any errors that occur because of not following these guidelines will result in no terbacanya field by the computer. SNMPTN Participant Handbook 2010 is the only guide in the registration form and exam answer sheets. Any other form of instructions concerning SNMPTN 2010 as opposed to the contents of this guide is otherwise incorrect.


Download Solutions of Soal Smup Unpad 2010 - Pack 041

Padjadjaran University Entrance Selection (SMUP) is the entrance test held directly by the University of Padjadjaran by writing test patterns on a national scale.

The process of selection results by the central administration at the Padjadjaran University, and performed computerized data processing.

Participants are expected to examine all test instructions carefully. All entries that do not follow the instructions given, will automatically be regarded as the wrong field.

Any clues about SMUP given and contrary to this website for online registrants is not true.
Congratulations and good learning taking SMUP Year 2010, good luck.

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