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>> Monday, August 2, 2010

Need help studying for the European history AP Exam? This Article Will Discus The Components Of Effective Review, But Feel Free To Skim For The Topic You're Looking For.
If you can't bring yourself to do this, at least acquire the resources that you'll need to review for the AP Exam. Getting everything lined up now will make preparation easier as the test gets closer.

Second, you need to begin getting a bird's eye view grasp of European history. You need to refresh you memory about all the major events, like 'The Industrial Revolution' for example. Make a list of all these topics - you'll need it for further review.

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Next, you need to start understanding each of these events, one at a time. Plan out your remaining time, reviewing one or two of the items on your list each day. Leave some time for final comprehensive review right before the test, because you'll have forgotten a few details by then. Use an AP Euro study guide that you've created yourself or found online to aid this preparation.
A the same time, you should also be making a list of possible essay topics, maybe two or three from each period. It might help to talk out loud for this part, if only because it will help your remember your specific points.
Finally, get some rest the night before the AP Exam. Eat a good breakfast and bring snacks with healthy energy. Preparation is key to success on the European history AP Exam!

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