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>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

The iPad keeps you in entertainment but you can also do your business through this. Here are the best 5 iPad business applications that are most liked at this time.

GoDos: This allows you to reach Google documents online and offline. The app also has a "revisions" button for accessing older versions of a file, so you can always turn back the clock when needed. Sharing files with colleagues is an important part of any business, and, fortunately, GoDocs makes the process simple: you can download Google Docs to the iPad and send saved files by e-mail, or share files to a Wi-Fi network.

Air Sharing: Second most favorite application is Air Sharing. It gives you the option of wired connectivity; simply connect a docked iPad to a Mac or PC via USB for speedy file transfers. You can connect to it from a Web browser, and use it to host a web server using WebDAV. It also support drag & drop files transfer between Desktop to iPad.

Analytics HD: Analytics HD is another great tool for webmaster, marketers, and SEO gurus, Inblosam's. It is a nifty iPad app that works with Google Analytics to let you check out your Web site's vital metrics. You can view easy to read charts and reports, and tap the "Today" and "Yesterday" categories for quick analysis of vital statistics. Analytics HD supports multiple logins and accounts, and lets you easily switch between them for quick comparison.

Citrix Receiver: This application can turn your iPad into Virtual Desktop. It provides one-touch access to corporate desktops, Windows applications, and complex database and 3D applications. If you're worried about security, don't fret; the connection is secured, so communications and information are not stored on the iPad, but stored remotely and kept within the confines of the corporate network. By this application you can view Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and Box Web Documents, but entire folders can become shared online workspace where others can view, edit, or add files. Also an update monitor keeps tracking the files changes, and informs you of files that have been previewed or downloaded. The free account allows for up to 1 GB of online storage and the Business account serves allows up to 15GB of online storage.

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