A Fix For Slow Download Speeds in Windows

>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

If your computer downloads files & movies extremely slowly, it might be time to think about fixing the problem. Here's something that many people don't know - the speed of your downloads are actually influenced more by your Windows system than any other thing. Many people will blame their Internet connection or the server for their slow downloads... but the main reason why computers take longer to download the files you want is because of your own system.
The way to fix a computer that takes ages to download anything is to make sure that Windows is working smoothly and effectively enough to actually download things quickly in the first place. And the biggest reason why your system is not downloading media quickly is because it cannot read the settings / files that it needs when it downloads something.
Windows might seem like a very simple system, but "under the hood", it's actually a very complicated piece of software, which needs 100's of different settings and files to run. These files / setting make Windows run smoothly and effectively as they help it remember such information as your Internet bookmarks, saved passwords and even your desktop wallpaper. The way to make Windows run faster & download faster is to make sure that all these settings are kept 100% effective and functional.
The first thing you should to do fix slow downloads is to fix all the settings that could be preventing your PC from processing the download quickly. To do this, you should obtain a "Registry Cleaner" program from the Internet. These are small tools which work to clean out all the damaged registry settings that often cause computers to run slow. You can let one of these scan your PC and fix all the damaged registry settings that it has inside it.

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