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>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

Every time you access website you are downloading data from the server and every time you have a conversation with a friend using an instant messaging program you are also downloading data from a server.
A download monitor software will quickly track the amount of data your computer downloaded from the Internet. This tool will also attempt to keep track of costs and resource usage. When you purchase a broadband connection from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) there is a high chance that they supply you with a software that monitors all kind of data you download from the Internet and maybe even the amount of data you upload. This software will of course monitor the downloads and keep track of all the data as well and at the same time the software will optimize your computer and try to access only the fastest servers along the way to increase the speed of your download.
This software is very useful because if your job is to download and install a series of software packages in all computers in the company you need to have a clear vision of when the download will be ready and how it will still take to finish it. The number of people using download monitors has increased greatly in the last years because of broadband adoption.
In the old days of slow dial-up Internet most people did not use download monitors as they had no need to monitor the data transfer, all that was necessary was to see the amount of time they spent online to avoid a surprise the next month.
Now with most Internet Service Providers offering DSL access, monitoring the data when you do not have unlimited bandwidth is a must for any connection because if you are not careful with the amount of data you transfer, lets say you download several extra GB, you can be billed in the thousands of dollars, depending on the rates applied by the Internet Service Provider.
You can also monitor downloads using Windows Task Manager. This small program does not show that option by default, you will have to enable it in the options.

This form of a download monitor is not working all the time and you also cannot save or export the data to create a time line of the downloads. For more information, visit - (free information).

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