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>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you want to download music for your Ipod, the legal free music is definitely the way to go. I've told them time and again about the free legal music download sites but they won't listen. For my guide to the best sites to download legal free music for ipod from, please visit
The benefits of free legal music downloads-1 The main benefit of these legal download sites for your Ipod is that they are legal-you don't have to worry about getting any scary letters from the government or record labels or whatever. That's a big bonus in my book.

The benefits of free legal music downloads-2 Choice. When you are looking to download free legal music for Ipod, you can often get everything you need all in one place. Every song you've ever wanted, all under one easy to access roof. If you've ever downloaded from the illegal P2P sites, you'll know how much the opposite can be true there. It's very frustrating to have to search for all different descriptions etc in the hope that someone has uploaded the song you are looking for, especially if you don't find it. This rarely happens with the legal sites as some of them have over 90 million files. That's a lot of music!
The benefits of free legal music downloads-3 Speed-a lot of the trustworthy free sites will charge you an admin fee when you first join them. It's a one off fee, and is put toward their upkeep costs for servers and customer service staff etc. This means they are able to offer download speeds that you can only dream of with most P2P sites. Once you are used to download speeds like that, downloading free music for Ipod the illegal way will seem so slow that it's not worth bothering with.
The benefits of free legal music downloads-4 Safety. With these sites you don't have to worry about viruses or some idiot trying to catch you out with spyware. Downloading legal free music for Ipod is definitely the way to go. I'm very glad to have my memberships, and I can't even guess how much I would spent with Itunes if I didn't have access to all this free stuff.

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