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>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

You have a multitude of choices on the web when you want to download iPhone games. You can't blame yourself for being so excited of putting in the newest and most popular games in your brand new iPhone, who wouldn't be? You get a choice of downloading from a free or paid site when it comes to iPhone games and other media products. You might automatically choose to download from free sites but you should stop to think about what you're doing first. Free sites upload games and other media illegally. Media that come from copyrighted material. If you are downloading from these sites, you are breaking a federal law.
When you download iPhone games from pay site, you get more than your money's worth in downloads. So much more because the games and other products they've uploaded are all done through legitimate means. Simply said, you are downloading quality games and more in paid sites.

You should opt for a site that has a variety of available media. It is much more convenient to download iPhone games and many more in just one site. You wouldn't want to waste your time and money downloading different games and different media in different sites.
Another pointer is to look at download speed of the site. When you want to download iPhone games, pay or membership sites have a steady and fast downloading speed. Free sites almost always have download limits and an erratic download speed. It can take several hours before you can enjoy a game in your iPhone.
Do not join a membership or pay site without first looking at their payment plans. Different sites have different payment plan options. The best payment plan that practically every user has come across is the one that requires you to pay once yet allows you unlimited downloads.
You can now see vividly why it is best to download iPhone games from pay or membership sites. Besides, you do not risk ruining your iPhone by accidentally downloading a virus from a free site. You also wouldn't want to waste all those hours of downloading to play a game that runs like crap. Check sites that received the best reviews and comments from readers and users.
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