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>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

Books, in their page -to- page form, are being used since the second century AD. Throughout history, some attempts have been made in order to step out from the world of ink and paper. The emergence of the eBook system has directly triggered a wide spectrum of possibilities to access them. Big names like Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Sony Reader were among the first that tried to revolutionize this new way of reading a book. But the aspect of Grey-and-black text was very monotone.
Entering the iPad's area, you'll see a lot of differences regarding the graphic, the colors and the clarity of an eBook. The 9.7 inch touch screen with high resolution gives you the opportunity to see original layouts and bright, clear characters. Reading a book in the 21st century which engage things like built-in dictionaries, hyper-linked footnotes and embedded bookmarks makes the whole process more efficient an enthralling.
Before you can buy an eBook for your iPad, first go in iTunes App Store for a free download of iBooks (this the term that Apple use for eBook) app.
On your iPAd: on its Home screen, tap the App Store icon. An invitation to download the app should appear. If it doesn't, you can tap the Search box and type iBook. On your computer: You can get the app iBook through iTunes too. You can search it in the App Store tab. After the download is finished you must sync you iPad with your iTunes for installing the app.
If you want to access any kind of electronic book you like on an iPad, just tap the iBook icon on the Home screen.

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