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>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

Downloading your DVDs to Ipod is the perfect solution for people not wishing to pay the hefty download fees from some websites. What could be better than having your entire DVD collection stored onto your tiny Ipod so you can watch it at your leisure? Download DVD To Ipod-Step 1- The first step is to get some software that will help. The software, called a ripper, will basically be ripping the movie from the DVD and converting it into a format which can be used by your Ipod. There are various programs on the market by manufacturers such as Imtoo and Xilisoft. Google search to find out more information, and be sure to select software which is able to convert the files into MP4 format, which is what your video Ipod uses.
Download DVD To Ipod Step 2- Once you have the appropriate software, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions to rip whatever movie you want from a DVD. Download DVD To Ipod Step 3- Now that you have a ripped version of the movie on your computer, you need to again use the ripping software to convert the movie into an mp4 format. Most often movies will rip as an AVI file, which definitely doesn't work with an Ipod, so that's why you need the converter.
Download DVD To Ipod Step 4- Now that you have your chosen movie in the right format, you need to open Itunes and upload it. The process for this differs depending on what version of Itunes you currently have, so it may be worth updating your Itunes and following the instructions from there. Once you have pointed Itunes at whatever movie it is you want to put onto your Ipod, you can download it straight to the Ipod in the normal way and watch it at your leisure.
There we are, how to download a dvd to ipod in four simple steps! I hope that was useful to you and will help you put your existing movies onto your Ipod, and if you'd like to be able to download free ipod movies, you can check the link at the bottom of this article.

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