Data Appending is Important For Your Database

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

Did you know that today, over 80% of organizations across the world own incomplete databases? Is your company one of them? Or Is your company running a major loss just because your contact lists are full of incomplete or incorrect data and email Ids?

Collected over the years through several sources such as direct mail, website, telemarketing, promotions, events, and more - their database is now a mix of customer information with some critical data missing in each of the contact fields.

Best way for you to handle such situation is to own a foolproof database that will enable you to generate quality leads. There are several companies all over the world that offer database appending and email appending services.

For few of the reasons given below you should invest in any one of them right away:

Database appending & email appending will help you to get in-touch with your old contacts who were lying dormant in your list. Revive them to make turn them into quality leads. Services like data appending and email appending will help you get details that includes latest email address, name, title, phone number, postal address, zip, etc. The updated NCOA will help you to reach the ones who had moved out and re-touch them.

Appending proper email Ids and other data to your contact lists will decrease the chances of email bounce rates or undelivered postal mails. This will also boost response rates thereby saving you a lot of money. Data cleansing is also highly important and it is a BIG DEAL. Appending data or email Ids to your contact list doesn't mean just adding missing information to your database. It also means correcting all the errors present in your contact database such as obsolete locality names; miss-spelt localities, names and e-mail Ids, zip codes; fraud names and email addresses, among others.

Your complete database will get you help you to venture out new marketing strategies as well. All this you will get by just spending a few dollars.

Planning to get your business list or consumer list appended by an expert? You have come to the right place.

Want to own a complete verified email marketing list that will do wonders to your email marketing campaign? Instead of preparing a house list yourself, why not leave the entire thing to the experts? On your behalf we are walking an extra-mile for you. We will prepare the entire database for you for your own benefit. Our Email Appending and Data Appending Services will help you build your own customized database.

Our Email Appending & Data Appending Services include complete contact details including:

* Name
* Job title
* Verified email id
* Phone number
* Direct mail address
* Industry
* Company size
* All this and more.

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