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>> Friday, July 1, 2011

Being more than three decades of age, UNS continues to struggle and bear a hard mandate: to increase the nation's intellectual life. Various activities have been carried out and many accomplishments have been achieved. Currently, UNS has grown and developed into one of the outstanding universities in Indonesia. In the future, UNS is expected to develop as a leading university in education, research and community service, both at the national level—inline with the earlier developed colleges and at the international level, as a university which is capable to act autonomously as a world class university. Currently, UNS is constantly developing itself to compete in acceleration development program in the field of: a) access equity and expand; b) improvement of quality, relevance, and competitiveness; and c) improvement of governance, accountability, and public image.

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As a consequence the development of Information Technology, UNS is committed to building an information technology-based facilities for academics UNS. Facilities that have been developed is the Internet network at both the University and in each faculty. Through UPT. Puskom, UNS also provides web hosting facility for each faculty and courses that intend to build websites as well as being a subdomain of Email as a means of communicating virtual world is also provided free for the entire academic UNS. This is a concern for the UNS, given the number of users Email Institute became a very important factor to the assessment of university accreditation.

In addition, UNS develop Academic Information Systems (SIAKAD) is a technology-based education system so that the process of student registration information and Consultation Plan The study can be performed online. This of course can improve efficiency, both to lecturers and students in academic activities.

Through UPT. Library, UNS UNS Library Automation also develop a useful reference in a search through the online medium, so that all collections and reference in UPT. The library can be searched via the internet. Besides UNSLA, UPT. The library is also equipped with a Digital Library is a digital reference that can be accessed via the internet. The difference with UNSLA is; If UNSLA an online catalog, so he only serves to perform a search in the library collection, while the Digital Library serves as a reference database of the overall digital information of a scientific paper can be accessed from here.

Institute for Educational Development (LPP UNS) to develop an online educational activities, or better known as E-Learning. In this digital forum, students and faculty can conduct academic activities, both in the form of consultation and provision of academic tasks. Given this E-Learning, distance and time are no longer a problem for academic activities UNS civitas.

Other IT facilities are developed UNS is a hot spot and the SAT. Hot spots are areas to surf the internet using wifi technology that can be utilized in various points that have been built to be exploited by academics who have a notebook. To anticipate the academic community who do not have a notebook, UNS has provided a Self Access Terminal (SAT), which is the place to do activities make use of internet with the PC Desktop. Because the number of PCs are still limited, it is to utilize the facility, civitas UNS charge are very cheap to avoid the monopoly of the use of the Desktop PC. In addition to surfing, SAT is also reserved for those who wish to expand its expertise in the field of ICT.

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